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True Taste Caters and Delivers Seasonally Fresh Foods

Haven't you wondered at times where your food comes from? At True Taste in Needham, Massachusetts, you don't have to wonder. Part and parcel of their business model is complete transparency, and customers can always find out the source of their meal. This take-out and delivery only restaurant sets the bar high when it comes to sourcing its fare.

Dan Tavan is chief taste officer at True Taste and takes care of quality control at the restaurant, ensuring consistency of flavor and the quality of the ingredients. To Tavan, the mission of True Taste was especially appealing, namely to increase the popularity of healthier and more sustainably sourced foods across the board.

"What separates us is the unparalleled quality and sustainability of our animal proteins and cooking fats, which we feel are of paramount importance," he said. "If you care about what you put into your body, you should start asking simple questions [of] your favorite restaurants like 'where did this meat come from?' or 'do you add sugar to your dishes?'"

Tavan can answer all of these questions and more. The menu at True Taste is chef-driven and very seasonal, which translates to a lot of local specialties and flavors representative of the region's flora and fauna. Since more consumers are questioning the origins of their food, True Taste is going above and beyond this expectation by being completely upfront about their dishes.

"We hope to be a leading meal provider focused on health, wellness, and convenience," Tavan said. "We also have a strong commitment to our employees, paying a living wage and benefits, and donating one percent of our revenues to help feed the hungry."

The menu is simple yet delicious, combining a lot of traditional recipes with innovative techniques. There are soups, salads, bowls, meats, customizable meals, desserts, and beverages available. The meats are sourced from Walden Local Meat in Burlington and Joyce Farms in North Carolina while their produce comes from a range of small, local farms, organic and non-organic.

While the restaurant aspires to purchase exclusively organic produce, sometimes they have to make exceptions since it is very pricey for some smaller farms to receive the certification. Backyard Farms in Maine provides True Taste with ripe, delicious tomatoes that are grown without soil and are non-GMO, for instance.

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