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Understanding the Art Rental Program: An Interview with Joyce Creiger of Creiger Group - Boston Art Rentals

By Joyce Creiger

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Boston Art Rentals has been in business for over 40 years and provides art for rent to corporations, offices, hotels, hospitals, healthcare facilities and other private and public venues. Recently we have expanded our services and we are providing our art rental service to local stagers and realtors to help them facilitate the sale of their properties.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers who stage the properties they are trying to sell do realize higher offers and have a larger client base to choose from as the properties show so much better when they are staged by a professional rather than using the owners furniture and accessories.

Please discuss in brief the concept of "art rental."

Our clients come to us to help enhance their spaces and properties by displaying original art and prints on the walls. Our professional clients, corporations, and public spaces rent art for a year, the price largely depends on the number and value of the art they select.

The Annual Payment is paid prior to delivery. Our staging clients rent for between 2 and 6 months depending on how long they anticipate it will take to sell their property.

Again, payment is made in advance of delivery. We usually work with the stager or designer and they help to dictate what art they want to use in the space and we provide the art and installer to properly install the artwork.

What are the steps involved in the process?

A selection of work is presented to the designer, stager or office manager by a PowerPoint presentation. If we have an opportunity to tour the space prior to the presentation we will take photos of the spaces and superimpose the images of the selected artwork on the walls so the client has a better idea of what it will look like in the space.

We determine the budget by the number of pieces needed in the space. Higher end pieces rent for approximately $50/piece per month and prints, giclees and lesser cost pieces rent for approx.. $25/piece per month.

We require a contract be signed and payment made prior to beginning the process of delivering the actual art work.

What benefits do homeowners get with the art rental program?

Homeowners are now able to have original artwork and prints in their homes for short periods of time to either enhance their home for celebrations, special occasions, to help in the sale of their home or for just the benefit of enjoying art in their home.

Stagers and designers love to use artwork in their projects as it helps to complete the look they are trying to achieve, it helps elevate the look of the home and it clearly increases the selling price of the home by showing the prospective buyers how special the home can look with some simple design elements. Homes sell for more, look better, attract more buyers, and sell more quickly when they show their best. Art can do that easily and simply using our rental program.

How do you choose homeowners who can avail of this service? How do you ensure that the artworks are well taken cared of and well maintained?

Our company has relationships with decorators, real estate companies, interior design firms, architectural firms and former clients who continually recommend our firm to help their friends and clients improve their spaces by using artwork at a reasonable cost for short periods of time.

Our clients are responsible for the artwork, they either insure it with their insurance company or self-insure for loss, theft, damage, etc. Rarely have we had a situation that has required our artwork to be repaired or replaced. Once it is on the walls securely, it is there for the duration of the lease and we remove it once the contract has expired or we are requested to remove it in the case of a sale.

What advice would you give to people who want to try the art rental program but think they do not have the budget to do so?

Give us a call, send us some photos, and we will give you a range that would cover all aspects of your specific situation. We can also tailor programs to fit into your budget, so don't assume it is too expensive without a call or an e-mail to us.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Boston Art Rentals can be reached by phone at 617-699-7077 or by e-mail a

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