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In true New England fashion, Morning Glory Coffee Syrup is the product of one family's hard work, perseverance, and dedication to something they love dearly. The Sylvia family (husband and wife team, David and Mary) always made their own coffee syrup and one Christmas, decided to gift them out as Christmas presents. Everyone responded immensely, encouraging the Sylvia family to sell the product so that others may enjoy it as well.

"Our coffee syrup has a robust coffee flavor that is not overly sweet," says David Sylvia. "We feel it has the perfect balance of true coffee flavor without the bitterness. Morning Glory Old Fashioned Coffee syrup is great in milk, milkshakes, as an ice cream topping or as a special ingredient in desserts, sauces and marinades."

The couple quickly got involved with Lee's Market in Westport, Massachusetts and began selling their product there. After many tweaks, growths, and changes, they expanded their market area, now selling in numerous local establishments such as specialty markets, independently owned markets, deli's, gift shops, farm stands and restaurants.

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Most importantly, Morning Glory Old Fashioned Coffee Syrup was the first coffee syrup on the market to be all natural (no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients). "And we were the first to offer a decaffeinated version," states Sylvia. "We have been in business for 15 years (since 2001) and it's the taste of our syrup that sets us apart from our competitors." In fact, a taste competition held on the popular website "Serious Eats" in which several large national competitors were tested against Morning Glory, showed that the New England local company won hands down.

The company has been strumming along nicely for the last 15 years, but they have no plans of stopping where they're at. "One of our short term goals are to continue to expand our coffee syrup in the New England market," explains Sylvia, who says that coffee syrup is a very regional product.

While it is well-known in Rhode Island and the South Coast of Massachusetts, those outside of the area are mostly unaware of the product and its uses. "We continue to search out new customers and educate them about coffee syrup and its many uses," he says. The couple's overall goals are much grander in scale, perhaps changing the industry completely. "Our long term goal is to have our coffee syrup in stores nationwide and make it a staple in everyone's cabinets."

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