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Weather Instrument Company Builds Systems by Hand, Locally

Since 1987, New Bedford, MA company Maximum Weather Instruments has given people the opportunity to predict the day's weather, leaving people dry in the rain and snow, and cool during heat waves. The devices are built locally in New Bedford as personal weather monitoring systems for inside homes and in backyards.

Company President Peter Kilgore says the devices look attractive while providing accurate weather data for a person's specific location.

"You'll get a real sense of the power of the wind when you realize that it only took a 30 mph wind to rattle your windows and make your house groan," Kilgore says. "Want to know if you should pack an umbrella or grab your raincoat on your way out the door in the morning? A quality barometer will give you advanced notice of what the weather could look like later in the day."

Maximum Weather Instruments allow people to monitor all types of weather conditions, from wind speed and direction to indoor and outdoor temperatures, barometric pressure, indoor and outdoor humidity, and rainfall. Instruments for both the west and east coasts offer tide monitoring specific to location.

Each instrument works individually, but customers can also choose multiple instruments to have mounted to a mahogany or oak wood panel for a more holistic image of weather conditions. The most complete series is the Weathermaster, a series of six weather instruments mounted to a wood panel and they retail starting at $2,695. Instrument series go down from there, with five, four, three and two instrument stations.

The company is proud of their New Bedford history, manufacturing all of their products out of Massachusetts and employing the community. They've been building instruments by hand in the state since 1968 and in New Bedford specifically since 1987. Kilgore says that many of the employees that started with the company in New Bedford are still there. Kilgore says the company stands by their products firmly, offering a 5-year warranty and strong customer service.

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