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Weddings Cakes Vs. Cupcakes: Learn Why Cupcakes are the Better Choice with Cupcake City

By Kristen Bosse

It is a bittersweet war between whether wedding cupcakes or wedding cakes are better for your dream wedding. Although wedding cakes will always be the more traditional choice, we are starting to see more and more brides choose cupcakes because of their versatility, affordability, and convenience. The bridal party can choose from a large variety of flavors and designs, giving their guests a better chance and finding something they like. At about three dollars apiece, the bride and groom can order enough to let everyone indulge in a couple selections. However, the one key factor is their small, handheld size! Guests can now take a perfect portion for themselves, and pick them up easily all throughout the night.

Cupcake City of Newton is one of Greater Boston's most popular shops for wedding treats. Owners Kristin and Karin originally opened up shop in Reading after realizing that there were no good cupcake stores on the North Shore. Two years later, their customer base had grown so large that they needed to open a second location closer to Boston. The two now have a shop in Reading and Newton, as well as a food truck that travels all around Eastern Massachusetts.

The shop has done a remarkable job at creating flavorful, moist selections with designs that look elegant enough to stand out at any occasion. For this reason, their cupcakes have become a popular choice for weddings all over the state. The taste of their cakes is almost identical, if not better, than the average wedding cake. If you're worried you'll miss the shock and awe that comes along with a towering, multi-tier wedding cake, the Owners can cover that for you as well. Look below to see one of their grand creations from a previous wedding.

When asked other benefits of having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, Kristin and Karin had some great insight.
"We have found that at most of the weddings we do, all of the cupcakes are eaten, whereas with a cake, at the end of the night half of the servings are untouched on the tables Most of our couples actually order more cupcakes than what they have for guests. The other benefit to cupcakes is that they are self-serve. So instead of the venue cutting the cake and serving all the guests at a set time, with cupcakes the guests can get a cupcake whenever they like."

With custom design and color options available, the tower can look exactly like your dream wedding cake- and it can taste like it too! With over fourteen flavors offered each day in the shop, guests can sample everything and see which ones are their favorites. Maybe it will be their Hostess selection, a chocolate cupcake with marshmallow cream filling and a chocolate ganache topping. Or perhaps it will be their Red Velvet selection, a buttermilk cupcake with a vanilla cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles. Whichever ones you choose, you won't be disappointed with their unique and delicious offerings.

The popularity of Cupcake City's treats has granted them high recognition and publicity since its opening in 2011. Most recently, Owners Kristin and Karin were featured on Phantom Gourmet describing their store as "a tiny treat shop that despite its small size, creates mouthwatering cupcakes huge in flavor." Additionally, their "Fear the Beard" cupcakes created for the 2013 World Series was featured on Fox 25 and Channel 4 News. Check out these funny little guys below. "When the program airs, we see an increase in sales", Kristin says. "We also see customers coming from farther away than our normal customer base. Some customers have traveled more than an hour to our bakery!"

With customers rolling in from all over New England, it is clear that Cupcake City has made a name for itself in Massachusetts. Their cupcakes are baked fresh daily with no preservatives, ensuring that each cake is always moist and delicious for the customer. Owners Kristin and Karin seemed to have figured out the perfect formula for success: Delicious cupcakes, unique design, and friendly, reliable customer service.

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