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What It Means To Be a True Artist, Newton Series: Part 3 Featuring Anna Starkova

By Kristen Bosse

It seems as though everyone can be an artist these days. In theory, any absent minded individual can take a piece of canvas, slap some paint on it, and start promoting it as a masterpiece. In today's world, creativity is constantly encouraged and often results in slogans claiming, "If you want to be an artist you can, if you want to call yourself an artist you can, because you ARE an artist." But just because you make a handful of artworks from time to time, do you have the right to call yourself a true one? With such a pondering question at hand, we decided to go straight to the source for the best possible answer- the artists themselves!

Anna Starkova

As a resident of Massachusetts for the past five years, Starkova has never stopped taking in the beautiful New England scenery and transmitting it into diverse and inspiring pieces. She is very open about her one true love- art! "There is no bigger passion in life for me than art", Anna states. "I'm constantly observing the things around me and when something sticks in my head, I want to go home and drop everything and paint." For someone who considers art her life, she certainly has the awards to prove it. In just 2013, she took home First Place at the 64th Annual Newton Arts Association Awards show for her "Delight" piece. She also received Honorable Mention for her "Early Morning in the Mountains" piece at the Newton Art Association members show. Take a look at both pieces below.

With hundreds of pieces already painted and no end in sight, it's hard to imagine how someone continues to find inspiration. According to Anna, that has never been a problem. Something as simple as the feel of a season, weather, or natural light has remained her greatest inspirations. "I truly believe that art is energy and it's the artists' duty to bring the raw emotion and energy to the viewer. Whichever subject is in my painting; I want the viewer to be transformed to that image and I want them to feel the liveliness coming from the painting."

It is apparent that Art is Anna's real passion. Art acts as an escape for her and allows her to get through everyday struggles. "My work gives me freedom to create a world outside of reality and because of that I'm able to find peace and exhilaration." So does this make her a true artist? Is a true artist someone who can put their daily struggles aside and come back to their one true love? I would say so- but lets see what the real expert said.

In Anna's words, a true artist cannot be afraid of the obstacles that may hinder their practice- financial, educational, etc. They will practice every day to not only enhance their skills, but try each day to discover their true talent. With all of the forms of art, it is important to use your skills to explore these different forms and find your "true talent". Only at this time can they be a true artist.

Starkova strives to remain a true artist each day moving forward. One look at her artwork, and you can tell that she puts her heart and soul into each piece. "People feel a real connection to my art when they see it, whether it's a landscape in oil or an abstract in acrylic. I try to paint my emotions on the subject or moment and people feel it. " The pieces that Anna creates not only reflect her inspirations, but have the ability to inspire others who are able to feel her emotions. I believe an artist that can inspire others is the definition of a true artist.

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