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What You Should Know About Lawn Irrigation: An Interview with Jill Penna of CP Unlimited Services

By Jill Penna

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We started out wanting to offer Cape Cod residents quality lawn care and maintenance services that included mowing, weeding, mulching, plantings, the basics of lawn care. Since then we have expanded on those services to offer complimentary services which includes hardscape installation, fertilizer applications, irrigation and snow removal & sanding.

Our prices are fair and our work is professional, enabling you to add a whole new dimension to your home or commercial structure while staying within any budget. Our team is full of creative ideas! Each project is carefully planned taking into consideration all aspects of design and quality; we will give you a free estimate and before any work is performed we will walk you through the project plan step by step.

Can you briefly explain some of main differences for homeowners with a yard that has an irrigation system versus a yard that doesn't have one?

On the Cape we have mostly cool season grass that requires an inch of water a week to thrive. Grass is a living organism and in order to grow it needs regular watering and sunlight. A lawn that is given both of these things on a regular basis will flourish more so than one that is not watered frequently or on a regular basis. A homeowner that only waters sporadically will not see the same results as one that has irrigation. Irrigation, when used to its full potential can make maintaining a lush healthy lawn very easy. When working with an irrigation professional it can be as easy as set it and forget it for the homeowner once installed and programmed.

What are some of the basic options that people need to decide about irrigation design?

Each irrigation need is different. The first thing we do is determine the number of zones that will be needed to properly irrigate the proposed area. Each zone consists of a certain amount of irrigation heads or soaker lines to hit a certain area. The types of irrigation systems used are different and each serve a different purpose, they can include an automatic drip irrigation system for planted beds and flower boxes to broadcast heads that would include watering of turf and beds depending on the need. When we have a client interested in having irrigation installed we go over our step by step process, where the lines will be laid, heads will be installed & how the timer will be set. We are happy to show the homeowner as much or as little as they want to know about the system being installed.

Is there something that most homeowners don't know about lawn irrigation that they should know?

Watering at night should be avoided as it can cause fungus to occur, stick with early morning water times. Most homeowner are not aware that their timer should be adjusted according to the changing seasons. Meaning that in the early spring and late fall the timer should be set to a short watering cycle. In the summer months the timer may need to be increased in duration and frequency. Drought season can also reek havoc on your lawn and having an irrigation system set property can reduce the risk of burning your lawn. Homeowners should reach out to their irrigation professional if they have questions about times or frequency, adjusting their timer without being properly informed can cause their system to not function as it should.

What kind of maintenance do lawn irrigation systems need after they're installed?

If installed property irrigation systems should be very low maintenance. The system will need to be turned on, the heads adjusted and the timer set at the beginning of spring. At that time their irrigation professional should check all the heads to be sure they are functioning properly. This will ensure that the system is working as efficiently as it should. When it's time to turn off your system in the fall it will need to be blown out meaning all the water is removed from the lines to avoid freeze up and broken lines when the temperature drops. It can be done by the homeowner if they are familiar with how it needs to be done but this is not recommended and an irrigation professional should be called.

Do you have any lawn watering tips to help maintain healthy, green grass without an overly expensive utility bill?

Water usage will increase with increased watering. Using an irrigation system as part of your lawn maintenance program will help homeowners achieve their ultimate goal of having a healthy green lawn. A properly installed and maintained irrigation system combined with a custom fertilizer program from a lawn care professional can help keep utility costs low while achieving this goal.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

We can be reached at 508- 258-0362 or by email at We are happy to meet to discuss any ideas or projects, during the week days and Saturday and Sunday by appointment. We are on Facebook, Angie's List and have a website each of those sites include a sampling of pictures of projects we have completed

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