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Winchester's Best Places to Relax Your Mind and Body: Featuring Innovative Bodywork and Prana Power Yoga

By Kristen Bosse

On any given day in the city, it is typical to see the person running for the subway when another will follow in a few minutes, the executive who is obsessed by goals to be met and surpassed, or the doer who is compulsive about staying ahead of the pack. As society becomes more addicted to this stress, a moment of relaxation has become somewhat of a prized possession. Now more than ever, residents of Winchester and Greater Boston alike seek a place where they can relax not only their body, but their mind as well. The art of Yoga combines breathing, meditation, and exercise to stretch your muscles and promote self-healing. It has been proven that this combination helps you relax, and acts as a form of stress management. "Innovative Bodywork & Yoga" and "Prana Power Yoga" have both become key stops for Winchester residents to relax and exercise all at the same time.

Innovative Bodywork & Yoga

Rebeca Kraemer, Owner of "Innovative Bodywork & Yoga", was nice enough to explain why she believes yoga is the best form of relaxation for her customers. In her words, one of the most beneficial principles of Yoga is that it teaches the body to be calm in stressful situations. Various poses and breath patterns challenge us physically and mentally, and force us to learn to quiet the mind and surrender to the pose. This shows us that we have the power to choose how to react to stress. By choosing to let it go we allow ourselves a richer, more peaceful existence. The more you practice Yoga, the more relaxed and stress-free you will feel on a day-to-day basis.

If you are in need of something even more relaxing then Yoga, "Innovative Bodywork" also offers massages. The Lomilomi massage itself often lasts up to two hours and flows around the body using movements inspired by the Hula and custom-tailered to the client's needs. Reviewers both on her website and on Yelp! stated that this massage is the perfect thing to interrupt and bring perspective to a busy lifestyle.

Prana Power Yoga

If you are looking for something a bit different, with an equally warm and welcoming environment, try "Prana Power Yoga" with instructor Taylor Wells. Over the years, Taylor has made a name for herself as a person who believes in positive thinking and finding your true "Yoga" (something you do everyday that makes you feel good). Taylor's philosophy revolves around love, connection, belonging, acceptance, and good energy. With the high level of ego and competition that occurs in our everyday lives, she strives to let go of these stifling feelings and promote abundance in everything. In fact, none of her yoga studios have mirrors so that everyone can focus on their internal vision of themselves.

While Prana offers an enormous variety of classes, they are perhaps best known for their heated Yoga. The studio is brought to a temperature of 95-99 degrees, and participants are able to sweat out toxins, including negative thoughts. When we asked Taylor her thoughts about this class, she replied with "I personally love heated yoga because it replicates the hot temperature of India, where yoga originated over 5000 years ago. When you are practicing in the heat it is extremely healing and detoxifying."

Perhaps the most important thing to note after speaking with both studios, is that Yoga is not only a form of exercise, but a way of life. Although most professionals choose to relax their mind and body within the four walls of a Yoga studio, you can choose to meditate and de-stress in your own personalized way. Attending classes at either "Innovatie Bodywork" or "Prana Power Yoga" will no doubt get you started on your journey of becoming a more relaxed and centered person.

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