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Winter Lawn-Care Tips

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

It can be so difficult to think of lawn care when colder weather arrives. What you do before heavy snow falls will determine how your lawn looks in the spring. We all know how good greenery looks after a long and cold Northeast winter. Use these winterization lawn-care tips and avoid the brown this spring.

Rake Everyday

Rake up the leaves before the snow falls. After the kids inevitably play in them, rake them again and put them on the compost heap for your spring growing needs. Keep raking until leaves stop falling. Masses of unraked leaves on the lawn over the winter may mold and cause diseases.

Remove Branches and Stones

A blustery fall is when branches and twigs come down. Remove this debris often. Move any landscape or other stones that have found their way onto the lawn. Put them in their proper place and keep them off the lawn.

Water In Winter

During fall or winter dry spells, go ahead and give your lawn a little water. After all, your lawn is not entirely dormant in the late fall or winter months, it just slows down.

Watch For Weeds

Weeds can appear even in winter. Plant ryegrass in the late fall to keep those winter weeds away and make the weeding chore easier next season.

Mow Lower

Before the first frost, your lawn should be mowed low to reduce stress to the roots while minimizing winter diseases.

Aerate Away

Don't wait until it's too late. Prior to snow fall, the lawn should be aerated to bring more moisture to the roots during the winter. Use a de-thatching rake or plug aerator.

Fertilization Finale

Apply fertilization in late fall to give the turf a boost in the springtime. The fertilizer will slowly circulate to the roots during the winter.

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