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Worcester's Cutting Edge Fitness Center

By Kristen Bosse

While best known for its overwhelming amount of Irish pubs, the Greater Boston area also boasts a great selection of fitness centers. With so many to choose from, it may be hard to settle on just one. To make a decision, each person should consider what makes a workout and overall fitness experience, great! Fitness experts like Arnold Schwarzenegger claim that the three most important factors are: Quality trainers, good equipment, and an environment with like-minded people (who can motivate you). BodyMind Balance, a popular Pilates studio in Worcester, has a great handle on these factors, and has also expanded the list to include: knowledgeable, motivating instructors, and a personalized program design that is fun and challenging. Lets learn a bit about how exactly they are able to fulfill these factors.

BodyMind Balance

Conveniently located at 102 Grove Street in Worcester, BodyMind Balance provides a bright and comfortable space where their clients may participate in individual or group instruction. BodyMind Balance is a personal and small-group training studio that has provided clients with an alternative to large health clubs and gyms for more than fifteen years. They offer individually tailored, personally supervised, safe programs of physical fitness for all levels and abilities as well as therapeutic exercise for posture, balance and mobility. Instructors have thousands of hours of experience working with a wide range of clients from professional sports athletes to desk athletes helping them achieve their goals of performing better, moving better and ultimately living better.

So why is Pilates such a great way to get in shape? The proof is in the results. Pilates offers a great combination of features, equipment, and exercises that allows for an entirely new class format each time you workout. Each training session most commonly uses mat work and specialized equipment to deliver optimal strength, flexibility and endurance, without building bulk. With regular practice, clients have tighter stomachs, firmer arms and legs, better posture, and experience increased balance and coordination.

Chief Fitness Officer, Peter Gibbs, elaborated on why Pilates is the best choice when it comes to getting the most out of your workout.
"Pilates is great for people at any level of fitness experience and condition, from beginners to serious exercise devotees. If you want a fun challenging fitness experience that will reduce the likelihood of getting injured, and get you strong and moving better in all areas of your life- try Pilates."

Unlike most fitness centers in the Worcester area, BodyMind offers personal training sessions, whether it be private, semi-private, or even in a small group. Gibbs and his entire team are firm believers that each program should be specifically designed for each individual. What someone needs at 20 is not the same as what that person needs at 40 or 60. Often times, folks will join a gym and lose motivation because they are not achieving results as fast as they would like. More often than not, this is because the person is not following the right program, or doing the right exercises, for the results they want. With an experienced instructor by your side, you can make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

If you are tired of boring workouts that don't yield results, BodyMind Balance truly is the place to try next. Whether you are practicing Pilates, or you are trying out their Z-Health or TRX Suspension training, you are sure to find something that caters to your needs. Not only that, but you'll have an instructor by your side that actually cares about your success!

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