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Worcester's Freshest Eats at NU Café

By Kristen Bosse

Whether you're a parent who tells their kids to eat their broccoli, or you remember being constantly nagged to eat your veggies when you were growing up, it's continuously good advice. While prior generations knew that eating fruits and veggies offered bodily benefits, more recent years have had studies further confirm the benefits. The more you learn about eating fruits and veggies, the more you will want to ensure that they make their way into the daily diet of your family. With all the fast food restaurants popping up, it can be a hard task to find something easy and healthy. However, Worcester's own NU Café is doing it right, providing fast, easy, and most importantly FRESH food to their customers every day.

NU Café

Nu Cafe is a gathering place for the local community. Customers come to relax, meet up with coworkers or friends, and have a delicious and healthy meal. Days at the café are filled with the hustle and bustle of meetings and students utilizing their free WiFi. At night, the restaurant turns into a hip, happening place with an after 5PM menu-featuring local and craft beers and wine. The restaurant prides itself on providing healthier and tastier options to the community, even going as far as buying their produce from local farms through Lettuce Be Local.

Perhaps one of the things NU Café is best known for is their delicious (and nutritious) quinoa bowls. They have three variations available: The Mayan Bowl, Thai Curry Bowl, and The Alamo Bowl. The ingredients of the bowls include, sweet potatoes, avocado, kale, corn, spinach, and much more.

"All of our quinoa bowls are gluten-free and the Mayan and Thai Curry are vegan", says Café Manager Anna Lisa Norman. "Our sweet potato quinoa muffins are tasty and very popular- they are also vegan and gluten-free."

Another popular choice is their fresh made smoothies and juice mixes. Both are always made with real fruit, again purchased from local farms in the area through Lettuce Be Local. The menu of juices and smoothies is quite extensive, ranging from their ever so popular Strawberry Banana smoothie with strawberries, bananas, fresh apple juice, and soy, to their Mighty Beets juice with beets, lemon, ginger carrots, and cucumber.

With choices like this at their fingertips, it is no wonder that customers tend to refer to NU Café as the ultimate juice bar!

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