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Work Out Your Mind and Body at Somerville's Soul.Train

In today's society, we like to have everything in one convenient place. We have superstores, combo restaurants, and all-in-one technical devises. Why should your mind and body fitness be any different? At least that's what Jonathon Medeiros thought when he launched Soul.Train: A Mind & Fitness Center.

"Imagine blending a high-end yoga studio (street level) and Crossfit-type facility (lower level)- this is Soul.Train: A Mind and Body Fitness Studio," explains Medeiros, owner and master trainer. "Our unique fitness philosophy enables us to touch on all aspects of fitness in a variety of fun and dynamic ways." Variety is a perfect adjective to describe Soul.Train. They offer everything from Yoga, Pilates, and Pilates Fusion to Hip-Hop dance camp, Zumba, and Barre. There is also Kettle Bells, tabata, bootcamp, boxing, Olympic lifting, and power lifting available from this unique facility.

"Those looking to lose weight, gain strength, or just learn about the benefits of dynamic exercise can truly benefit from Soul.Train because of the vast variety of classes and training methods we offer here," Medeiros states. "Along with the enhancement of your aerobic capacity, the added muscle will eat up calories and have you losing unwanted weight right away!"

In addition to the benefits Medeiros listed, there is another aspect of Soul.Train that should make you run over right away: NO MEMBERSHIPS! "Here you will pay for services and use them when it's convenient for you, 'a la carte' style," boasts Medeiros. He tips us off to another great perk of Soul.Train, too. "If group exercise isn't for you, no worries, we offer private one on one personal training as well!"

The Soul.Train curriculum is created by a combination of fantastic classes, unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Crazy 8's, based on the Tabata interval training method, gives you eight rounds of twenty seconds of movement followed by ten seconds of resting.

Each week this class changes styles, as the Tabata method can be followed with any movement, so you may be in for anything from kettlebell swings to box jumping. The Friday Night Chill Flow class is a great way to unwind after a long week. This one hour class gives you just enough movement to shake off the work week, while allowing enough 'chilling out' to get you ready for a restful night's sleep. You can expect gentle Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga, and possibly, live music in this class. Restorative Reggae Flow is another fun and unique class offered by Soul.Train, by providing gentle flow from one position to the next instead of the typical long holds utilized in traditional yoga.

In addition to one of the greatest class offerings available, the staff of Soul.Train is just as unique and varied. As their website states, "Our team is the heart and soul of our studio and are some of the best teachers and trainers in the industry!"

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