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Your Partner When Running Your Way Through Boston: Featuring Boston Running Center

By Kristen Bosse

If the plethora of running shoe/fitness stores that are packed into the walls of Boston wasn't enough indication, avid runners love the city of Boston. The city is filled with level grounds, beautiful scenery, and interesting landmarks to help pass the time. No wonder the city is home to the oldest running marathon in the United States. In a city full of so much potential for runners, they need a place to stay injury free throughout their journey. This is where the Boston Running Center comes in. The Boston Running Center is a team of health professionals, including coaches, sports nutritionists, personal trainers, and massage therapists, dedicated to assisting runners stay injury free while reaching their full potential. Since its founding in 2005, BRC specialists have guided hundreds of runners of all levels each year throughout New England, USA, and globally.

Perhaps the thing the Boston Running Center is best known for is their individual coaching efforts. Runners of all levels can sign up for coaching and have access to individual running and fitness programs, high quality clinical massage, state-of-the-art bio-mechanical analysis services, and performance-centered nutrition counseling. These weekly running and fitness programs include strength exercises, injury prevention actions, and detailed running workouts customized to fit your lifestyle and your fitness goals. This is truly the best part about these weekly programs and their services in general- the fact that a plan will be made for you no matter what your lifestyle happens to be. The motto of this facility is that individual health and fitness is best achieved with individual attention.

"Our coaches understand most of us are not professional runners. There are family, work, life restrictions that don't always allow us to workout where and how we want. That is not a problem! Each week you will simply communicate with your coach what needs to be considered for the following week. If you communicate with your coach, your program should be easy to fit in with your life."

The BRC offers supplemental services to your fitness and running programs, including gait analysis, nutrition counseling, and even massage therapy. The Gait Analysis (shown above) studies your natural motion when you are running and can point out certain movement or strides that may contribute to injury over time or affect your performance. Based on your results, your trainer may recommend you get a certain type of running shoe, or even consider changing up a certain element to your stride while running. Consultations with a registered dietician are also available to runners who want to increase their chances of reaching their fitness and health goals.

"Boston is full of health-conscious folks from all over the world. At any time of day you'll find runners cruising around the scenic Charles River, through the rolling hills along the Boston Marathon course, the trails of the Fells or Blue Hills, or on any of several publics tracks spread out around the city. With races and clubs for competitive or just social runners, there is plenty of support for every level. For over 10 years folks throughout New England have achieved and surpassed their goals through the guidance of a BRC health professional or coach."

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