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Two Strategies for Debt Reduction Two Strategies for Debt Reduction

Whether you're planning to start a family, buy a house, or make any other large investment in the near future, yet have a significant amount of debt, you'll need to take a look at strategies for debt deduction. Here are two of the most popular strategies for debt reduction that you can do on your own.

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Tips on picking a vacation home Tips on picking a vacation home

By Deb Perro

Getting or renting a vacation home is a great idea. To improve your experience make sure that you know who to contact in the case of an emergency, pay with a safe method like a credit card, and make sure you see the location of your property.

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What If The Appraisal Comes Back Low? What If The Appraisal Comes Back Low?

You negotiated the price, drew up all the contracts, and bought champagne for the closing. Then the appraisal came back lower than the sale price. Now what?

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Homeowner's Insurance Homeowner's Insurance

A common term that homebuyers will find in their mortgage loan contract is the requirement to purchase a homeowner's insurance policy. Here is an overview of what homeowner's insurance entails, and why is it essential to virtually every home purchase involving a mortgage.

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Tenant Insurance Tenant Insurance

By Adam Pavidis

Many people believe that when they rent property, their landlord's insurance covers their personal possessions in the apartment. In reality it only covers damage to the structure of the property, and rarely any caused by you.

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How to avoid Foreclosure Rescue and Mortgage Modification Scams How to avoid Foreclosure Rescue and Mortgage Modification Scams

By Matt Schwartz

Scams often promise to save you from foreclosure. Con artists often know who is falling behind on their mortgages, since mortgage lenders are required to publish notices before foreclosing on homes and private firms compile and sell lists of foreclosed properties to distressed borrowers.

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Passage of Title Passage of Title

By Sandra Belakonis

One of the most important legal steps of buying a house is the Passage of Title, and for the same reason, it also tends to cause the most trouble. Here are some key facts to know about the passage of title on your own property.

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Importance Of A Home Inspection Importance Of A Home Inspection

By Matt Schwartz

You've found the house of your dreams and negotiated the seller down to a price you can manage. There is one more important thing you need to do to make sure you don't end up paying thousands of dollars in hidden costs.

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Subletting Your Residence Subletting Your Residence

By Lou Piazza

A brief guide to subletting your residence and how to best approach the transaction.

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Agent's Protocol Agent's Protocol

By Lisa Jones

You are ready to start the home search and you want to secure a buyer's agent to represent you. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your agent.

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