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How Staging is Used to Sell Homes How Staging is Used to Sell Homes

By Jessica Tan

In this difficult housing market, selling a home is not as easy as it used to be. This is why people have come to rely more and more on certain selling tactics. "Staging" is a technique that homeowners and realtors often use when attempting to sell their property. The objective is simple: to make the home look its best.

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Adding Curb Appeal to Your Front Yard Adding Curb Appeal to Your Front Yard

By Moodscapes Design

Landscape Problem and Solution: Adding Curb Appeal to the Front Yard. The client wanted to add curb appeal to their newly built home. The contractor who built the house wasn't thinking about landscape curb appeal when they created the walkway and front porch. The newly installed lawn was green and thriving, but it needed new plantings to add color, texture and height to the front yard, as well as privacy for the porch.

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The Next Phase: Senior Transitions The Next Phase: Senior Transitions

Senior transition is a natural progression of life. Whether elderly parents or seniors left to fend for themselves, changes often need to be made...

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Making your Home More Appealing for Resale Making your Home More Appealing for Resale

By Ben Levy

Now is the time to buy a home. Unfortunately, there are plenty of homes on the market for house hunters to choose from. If you are looking to sell your home, it is important to actively attract buyers rather than sit and wait for them to come to you. This can be done in many ways, some of which include clean landscaping, an attractive exterior, and an appealing interior.

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Eco-Friendly Home Improvements Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

By Blanche Thomas

Many homeowners dismiss eco-friendly improvements because they can be pricey. However, many of these improvements are also energy savers. If...

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Choosing the Right Painter Choosing the Right Painter

There are a few issues you should consider prior to hiring a painting contractor for your home. Learn more here.

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Home Plumbing Tips Home Plumbing Tips

By Lou Piazza

Are your pipes stopping up? Do you have water stains on your ceiling, or is the sound of dripping water keeping you up at night? Sometimes you can make repairs - or temporary repairs until a professional can get there - by applying a little elbow grease yourself.

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Renovating for Selling Renovating for Selling

By Dee Collard

Renovating a property in order to sell it can be quite the investment. Here are some things to keep in mind to get the best return on your investment.

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Cheap Home Improvements for Sellers Cheap Home Improvements for Sellers

By Edward Collard

Selling your home can be a demanding process, and making the best impression on potential buyers is one of the most important parts of it. Doing it cheaply and quickly is likely to net you the best returns.

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