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The Junk Drawer: Becoming More Organized The Junk Drawer: Becoming More Organized

By Anne Larson

What is a Junk Drawer? Looking up Junk in the dictionary and the meaning is any old or discarded materials, anything regarded as worthless, meaningless, trash! (Junk is also an Ancient Chinese sailing vessel design, developed during the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD).

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Home Staging Tips: Myths and Facts About Staging Your Home Home Staging Tips: Myths and Facts About Staging Your Home

By Anne Larson

Some common myths and facts about home staging.

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Member of the Association of Staging Professionals and the International Association of Home Staging Professionals

I'm Anne Larson, a home stager and owner of Elegant Home Transformations. And... I'm passionate about home staging. Really.

I have over 20 years of extensive management experience in the real estate industry; focusing on residential construction and private investment markets. That experience, combined with constructing, decorating and selling several of my own homes, gave me a passion for decorating and getting homes ready for the real estate market.

For many years, I found my creative outlet in sewing, furniture arranging, interior design, and staging. Encouraged by friends and associates to step out into the world of design, I now enjoy showing homeowners how to drastically change the look of a room on a reasonable budget with a burst of imagination and some elbow grease.

I know staging works! I've seen it work with my own homes and for clients, neighbors and friends. I would like to bring this experience and creativity to your home! I would love to help you "set the stage" in your home and look forward to meeting you.