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user profile Carl Solander
Reverse Architecture

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user profile Hayley Acosta
Time Savers Services Coporation

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user profile Jay Sponenberg
Kitchen Associates

Jay Sponenberg is President at Kitchen Associates.

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user profile Eric DeLong
Tremont Nail

Eric DeLong owns and manages Tremont Nail.

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user profile Brian Vinchesi
Irrigation Consulting

Brian Vinchesi founded Irrigation Consulting, Inc. in 1988 in Massachusetts, and has managed it to be one of the country's leading irrigation consulting and design firms. Specializing in irrigation consulting for large commercial clients and golf courses, Brian has traveled the world to consult...

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user profile Joyce Creiger
Creiger Group - Boston Art Rentals

Joyce Creiger has been involved in the arts for over thirty years. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Art History and was involved in the formation of the Danforth Museum in Framingham and is a corporate art specialist.

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user profile Paul Fiore
Foley Fiore Architecture

Paul Fiore, together with David Foley, has been collaborating with an outstanding group of clients and contractors to create beautiful and livable homes since 1994. They established their Cambridge based firm after returning from California where they each worked for prominent Bay Area...

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user profile Stephen Wells
Appalachian Woods LLC

Stephen Wells is the Sales Manager at Appalachian Woods LLC.

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user profile Rick Bertolami
JB Sash and Door

Rick Bertolami co-owns JB Sash and Door together with Ugo, Sal, and Ron Bertolami.

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user profile Steve Pitney
Alternate Energy

In 1973, as he was finishing college, Steve became interested in solar energy. While gathering knowledge, he began holding seminars in solar at local Audubon locations for interested people.

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user profile Stanley Mickelson
Robinson Supply Company

Stanley Mickelson is the Corporate Showroom Manager for Robinson Supply Co. The Bath Splash Showrooms.

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user profile Scott Rumplik
Ground Breakers Services

Scott Rumplik is Vice President at Ground Breakers Services.

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user profile Patrick Kennedy
Alternative Recycling Systems LLC

Patrick Kennedy, together with Amy Gilburg, founded Alternative Recycling Systems LLC in 1996.

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user profile Cory Lester
Lyndon Tree Care

Cory, now the third generation in a family of arborists, grew up working in his father Gregory Lester's tree service in Cincinnati, OH, and became an ISA Certified Arborist. He moved to the East Coast to earn his A.S. in Arboriculture from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and a B.S. in...

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user profile Helena Farrell
Regenerative Design Group LLC

Helena has a Masters in Landscape Architecture with a background in Cultural Geography, Permaculture and Biointensive farming. She teaches urban agriculture and agroecology at UMass, Amherst, and assists in the Landscape Studies program at Smith College. She is an avid traveler and photographer...

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user profile Jon Van
Van Millwork Interior Specialists

Jon Van is President and Manager at Van Millwork Interior Specialists.

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user profile Paul Lukez
Paul Lukez Architecture

In recognition of his achievements in design excellence, he was elected as a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects. Prior to founding PLA, Mr. Lukez worked with nationally and internationally recognized architectural firms such as S.O.M. / Chicago, William Rawn Associates, and...

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user profile Bonnie Forbes
Wolfers Lighting

With over 30 years of experience in the lighting business, Bonnie Forbes is the showroom manager at Wolfers Lighting Allston.

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user profile Jodi Hawthorne
John Palmer Moving & Storage Inc

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user profile Paul Bicchieri
Carlisle Carpentry Inc.

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user profile Darrell McCrensky
Hancock Building Associates, Inc.

Growing up in a household with a family-owned construction business, Darrell's exposure to the building and remodeling industry and his ultimate passion for his field began at an early age. Originally hired as a summer laborer by his father at age 15, he was physically involved with many projects...

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user profile Moodscapes Design
Moodscapes LLC

Moodscapes, established in 1997, is a local landscape design company dedicated to providing high-quality personal landscaping services to its clients. Services include consultation, design, installation and long-term maintenance. Moodscapes concentrates on large and small projects. Our approach...

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