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Home Improvement Project Ideas That Will Add Value To Your Home

By Janet Higgins

Whether you're a new homeowner or have owned your home for many years, there will come a time when you might consider doing some updates to your home for the purpose of increasing it's value. Here are a few worthwhile home improvement project ideas that will add value to your home, and will be most likely to give you a great return on your renovation investment.

Kitchen Update

Real estate agents will tell you that one of the number one things buyers look for is an updated kitchen. Most homeowners spend most of their time in this room, so investing in cabinet re-facing, replacement of doors, drawer fronts, or hardware in your kitchen to improve its overall look and finish are effective ways to showcase your kitchen, and make it a true selling point of your home. Kitchen updates are the kind of home improvement buyers usually notice immediately, so investing in them will definitely have a positive affect on the value of your home.

If you already like the style and condition of your cabinets, you can also add value to your kitchen by adding a spacious pantry area, or integrating space-saving roll out shelving systems within your existing cabinetry. Storage ranks high in buyers' wishlists, so increasing the kitchen storage options will show very well to potential buyers. In general, buyers will find this to be a valuable and practical bonus feature of the home, giving you a surefire return on investment.

Energy Efficient Doors

Replacing an old door with an energy efficient door is another easy home improvement idea that will add value to your home. With energy efficient doors, there will be little to no unwanted airflow coming through door frame openings, which then minimizes the running time of your heat and air conditioning units, saving you lots of money on monthly utility bills. Buyers always look favorably upon this feature of your house as it means long term energy cost savings.

An additional benefit to replacing old doors with new energy efficient doors is that you are automatically also able to give your home a fresh new look. Energy efficient doors are customizable and paintable like any other door that might have previously been in your home, so you can use this opportunity to add a pop of color or new style to the exterior of your house, This will increase your home's curb appeal to buyers, creating a stronger impression of your home's value, thus giving you even more return on investment.

Bathroom Vanity, Mirror or Sink

After kitchens, updated bathrooms are one of the next most popular items on buyers' wishlists. Buyers look for bathrooms that are clean, bright, and comfortable, and one of the best home improvement tips to achieve this is simply replacing an old bathroom vanity, mirror, or sink. This kind of update usually doesn't require as much demolition or structural changes as one might think, so it is relatively easy to accomplish within a reasonable-sized budget. Buyers will especially appreciate the special touches you put into a bathroom, and it will almost always payoff during the selling process. Just remember to keep the look classic and clean.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding will improve the value of your home as well as improve your energy bills. Vinyl siding acts as an insulator and reduces air leakage, and it is incredibly durable since it is resistant to rot, denting, fading or flaking. The siding will reduce the cost of having to repaint or repair the exterior of your home year after year, and like new doors, it will automatically give your home an updated, stylish look, while also saving you money on energy bills.

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Martha Wade

Great tips. Very useful.


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Irving Jorge

Great tips, I too work hard for my kitchen and bathroom renovation, since I love to have changing look as it keeps me refreshing all the time at my home. [

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Joana Byrnes

Very nice tips. We began refurbishing our house since last year of November. We chose the kitchen to remodel and it turned out really nice. We've been planning to sell our house in the next three

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