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How to Sell Your House Quickly - 5 Tips to Make a Faster Sale

By Lesley Freese

Monthly mortgage payments are truly draining, so whether you'd like to get rid of mortgage payments, or are simply needing to relocate, sometimes it is necessary to sell your house, and sell your house quickly. Here are 5 Tips to make a faster sale.

1. Choose the Most Attractive Selling Price

Many home buyers limit their home search to home prices within a certain range, so if your home's price is especially higher than similar homes in your area, you might be excluding potential buyers before they even see your house. To avoid this from happening to your home, try pricing your house at a more reasonable number (close to it's appraised market value), to attract more potential buyers. Some smart homeowners will purposely price their home at or below the appraised Market Value of their home to attract multiple offers, so that they have the freedom to choose between many homebuyers. This is a more aggressive strategy, but it is perfect if you want to sell your house quickly.
If you are unsure of how much to sell your house for, check the prices of other homes in your area, or get an appraisal.

2. Find a Great Real Estate Agent to Help you Sell

No matter how attractive your home might be to a potential buyer, if those potential buyers don't know that your house is for sale, you might as well not be selling it at all. The most effective way to reach a large amount of homebuyers is to work with an experienced and well-connected real estate agent. Not only will the agent be connected to a network of buyers that would be interested in your home, but they will also be motivated to help you sell it fast since it is their job to show the right homes to the right buyers.

3. Fix the Obvious Problems in Your House

If you've already found a great real estate agent and considered what price to set the house for, another task you should be sure to address is to make sure that all of the obvious practical and cosmetic problems in your house are fixed before anyone views your house. This might include items like: chipped paint on walls or trimming, broken fixtures such as lights, knobs, and hinges, and stains on furniture or carpeting. The more problems like these there are that go unaddressed throughout your house, the more reasons a potential homebuyer will find NOT to buy your home, even if they like the size, location, and/or style of your house overall.

4. Dress Up Your House by Staging It

After you've fixed the obvious problems throughout your house, take your efforts one step further and dress it up a little bit by doing some home staging. Home staging is a way home owners can organize and decorate a home so that buyers who are viewing the home can easily envision themselves comfortably living in it, as is. Some basic tips for proper home staging are:

  • Removing extra clutter and personal items, and storing them neatly in closets or in another location.
  • Arranging the furniture to maximize space, and designate appropriate living areas
  • Making sure the temperature is comfortable, so the buyer immediately feels at home.
  • Making sure the house smells pleasant, by using gently scented air fresheners or by baking some cookies before a viewer comes to see the home
  • Making sure rooms are well lit by choosing proper, and attractive, window treatments and lamps.
  • Highlighting the best features of a house by placing eye-catching decorative items, such as: placing pictures and knickknacks on a stunning fireplace mantel, placing a vase of flowers in a newly updated kitchen, or placing new and luxurious pillows on a large master bedroom bed or living room sofa.

5. Be Flexible

If you are able to attract a willing buyer who has made you an offer, be flexible with the terms of the contract so that the sale can happen smoothly, and quickly. Some popular things that a seller can include in their agreement to a buyer that often helps speed up a sale are to cover a portion of closing costs, to include appliances (kitchen appliance or washer/dryer), or to be flexible with the closing date.

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Charlie Namatjira

These are indeed very quickest methods to sell your house instantly.There is another easiest method is to sell your house to realty organizations,who usually buy your home almost instantly.<br

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Diana Abbott

I found this very helpful. I have a question. How does a seller , put his house up for sale when they are still living in it ? Some say to make a clause to allow the sellers to find suitable

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