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Five Tips for a Fiasco-Free Move Five Tips for a Fiasco-Free Move

By Valerie Dorer

Saying goodbye to one home, furnishing a new one, and trusting strangers with your belongings are not easy things to do. In fact, there are few things more stressful than moving. The one thing you can do to give yourself some peace of mind during this hectic time is to organize!

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Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

By Valerie Dorer

Buying or selling a home isn't easy. The tiresome process includes stacks of paperwork, inquiries that never lead to sales, advertising fees, and a whole lot of your time. Some people think they can expedite the process and lower the costs by cutting out the middleman ? the real estate agent. However, this strategy doesn't always work according to plan; there are many benefits to hiring an agent that may make it worth the extra bucks.

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Valerie Dorer is a Staff Writer at Mass Realty.