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MassRealty is changing the way people buy real estate. We are putting the power back into the people's hands. Explore cool neighborhoods and find the perfect home for you, without unnecessary red tape and expenses.

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Maybe some people want a conventional broker, but I had already picked out the houses I wanted to see myself online.  I saved $9,500 by not paying a broker to show up with a key and tell me where the kitchen is.

Sarah W.

Worcester, MA

The COVID-19 quarantine restrictions made me realize how little value I get from a buyer’s side real estate broker. I did a few hours extra legwork myself with help from Mass Realty, and saved nearly $11,000.

Matthew D.

Cambridge, MA

Mass Realty let me view and select houses myself and took care of all the paperwork for me for a fraction of a conventional broker’s commission. They saved me $12,000, which I was able to use to build a dream kitchen in my new house!

Jeff K.

Somerville, MA

I was afraid of trying to navigate the homebuying process without a traditional broker, but Mass Realty’s customer support was excellent. They made sure I always knew what to do next and how to do it.

Deborah S.

Dorchester, MA