MassRealty is
Real Estate

Home Buying is BROKEN

95% of all real estate agents will not be agents in 5 years. The #1 reason why agents fail is that they give up when they are not making enough money and provide no real value to the people.

Empower Customers

MassRealty is taking the money that the real estate industry produces and giving it back to the people that deserve it! We want consumers to win.
MassRealty gives consumers the biggest rebate in the real estate industry to be able to help furnish their new home, help send their kid to college, or get a head start on their mortgage.

Leverage Community

MassRealty's other mission is to build a new workforce that is focused around the gig economy. Our videos are made by content creators who get to do what they love and they get to help people discover their new home. Anyone can become a MassRealty content creator. We want to give people the opportunity to make amazing videos that help people on their home buying journey.

Frequently asked questions

How does the 2% back work? How will I get paid?

Normally, 2.5% of the purchase price goes to the sellers' agent and 2.5% to the buyers agent. MassRealty is taking the place of the buyer's agent. With MassRealty, since you do most of the work, you earn 2%* of the buyer's commission, while MassRealty keeps the remaining 0.5%. You will get a check 30 days after the closing of your house.

Can anyone become a MassRealty Local?

To keep the quality of our videos up, you have to apply to be a local. You can send in a sample video, and if you are approved you will be able to make videos as a MassRealty Local.

What does paying for premium get me?

The MassRealty Premium membership gets you access to agent support, as well as the ability to get 2% cash back on your home purchase.

How are the agents paid?

Our agents are paid salary, not commission. This means they are not going to try to pressure you to buy a house until you are 100% ready.

What happens if the commission is less than 2.5%?

If the buyer's agent commission is less than 2.5%, then the buyer's reward will be equal to the buyer's agent commission less 0.5%.

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