A Head-to-Toe Invigorating Experience at The La Residencia Spa

Named after a famous hotel in Spain, the La Residencia Spa in Newton, MA has been hard at work ensuring the head-to-toe wellbeing of the women who frequent their establishment. It is this very dedication to the health and happiness of their clients that has truly set them apart from similar enterprises, and earned them several awards over the years.

The small day spa oozes comfort and exclusivity due to its cozy setting, which adds to the ambiance during the course of your visit. Their signature facials and highly-qualified staff are just a few more reasons why La Residencia spa shines in comparison to their competitors.

Today's society is a hustle and bustle of to-do lists, meetings, afterschool events, and much more- leaving little to no time to just sit back and relax. Relaxation is important in maintaining a healthy balance, and scheduling a day at a spa is the ultimate way to maximize the benefits.

"It's incredibly important for an individual's well-being that they take time out to relax. We live in such a stressful, fast-paced environment and nothing quite does the body and soul good like a massage or facial," says Jane Aransky, Owner of La Residencia Spa. "We are known for our pampering facials. Our Signature Facial and Facial Glow, in particular, both incorporate a ton of facial, neck and shoulder massage. We also have an amazing team of massage therapists that do everything from traditional massage to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi."

When it comes to ensuring a relaxing environment for their customers, La Residencia has spared no effort. "Our Spa is also very elegant and warm so it's incredibly conducive to comfort and being pampered. Unlike most medical spas, you feel relaxed as soon as you step in the door," explains Aransky. "Our customers are often amazed at how different we are from most spas in that our environment is very intimate and private." La Residencia's dedication to finding the best staff and services goes above and beyond. "Every member of our team is a master medical aesthetician with experience who is trained by me. We do a ton of research and testing before we introduce new products or services, to be sure they are safe and effective so our clients trust us."

Receiving The Best of Boston award for two years in a row is a clear indication of La Residencia's dedication to pleasing their clients. "Our experience combined with our ability to get our clients into a state of total relaxation and the proven effectiveness of the medical-grade products we use is what really sets us apart," remarks Aransky.

Aside from highly-qualified staff and a serene, relaxing environment for their clients, La Residencia's signature services are another example of what gives them a competitive edge. "We are a medical spa so we offer everything from traditional facials to peels, photofacials, laser hair removal, Botox/fillers and other anti-aging treatments as well as waxing and makeup application services," says Aransky. "We offer treatments and products that address and resolve every major skin concern whether its acne, scars, brown spots or wrinkles."

La Residencia caters to clients of all ages- from teens to older adults. While spa treatment results may vary depending on the individual and their goals, La Residencia does guarantee that each client will leave astonished with how much brighter their skin is, with an obvious improvement in skin health, quality, and texture.

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