Get a Taste of Modern American with a Twist at Plymouth's Alden Park

Treat your family and friends to an amazing dining-out experience of modern American cuisine with an exciting twist at Alden Park. Try their meatloaf with a mouthwatering cheesy center. A grilled cheese served for your dessert. Right at the heart of Plymouth's Colony Place Shopping Mall, Alden Park Bark and Grill gives South Shore dinners a night out of great food, classy yet comfortable ambience, and sophistication like no other.

On How It All Started

Established in 2010 in Plymouth, Alden Park boasts of an interesting history that tells of dreams and ideas and passion. Owner and manager Walt Wunder recalls how he was presented with the opportunity of realizing another dream when after the purveyor went out of business and the space stayed vacant. He has just recently opened up Abby Park in Milton so he called in Steve Todesco, the same designer who did Abby Park so together they could come up with a similar scene and feel minus the masculine feel.

Walt wanted to work on the concept of having sister restaurants but that didn't work beyond the design phase. Instead, the Alden Park concept was product of Walt knowing and feeling what the people were looking for in the area: upscale casual, modern American cuisine. He wanted the restaurant to have that distinguishing factor among the existing chain restaurants and one that would stand above the rest being that "destination where people would want to see and be seen at."

Walt explained, "I was looking to create an atmosphere that tended to draw a more mature crowd and one that looked for the quality in service, food, and experience without having to drive north to Boston. We hit the mark on all points, albeit it will be taking some time for the word to spread, we have been successful in developing a reputation, our brand, and our name in the Plymouth/South Shore area . . . Last summer, we aired on Phantom Gourmet and have since been named to the top 5 shopping mall restaurants by them in MA."

Alden Park has been in business for more than five years now, growing its business and clients year after year after year. Over the years, the restaurant developed the foundation-fire pit centered courtyard/patio, which has successfully created an "oasis" for the guests despite being set inside a shopping mall.

"All the hard work and planning have culminated in a thriving business that is the favorite of a lot of people in the Plymouth area," Walt proudly claimed.

On Where They Get the Inspiration

While the menu is very eclectic, the modern American cuisine from Alden Park simply comes from what the owner knows and what the diners can relate to but enough to have them branded as their own.

To achieve this, Walt describes how he likes to "challenge the chef to use traditional items yet put a twist on them so that they impress the guest visually, aromatically, as well as with taste. I strive to make sure our goal for each guest is for them to walk away remembering the quality of what they had as well as wanting to come back for the food, service, and experience they had with us."

On What to Look Forward to at Alden Park

It's no surprise Alden Park grew popular over South Shore area only over a very short period of time as the place never runs out of activities and events that cater to the delights of a wide range of audience and guests.

They do a lot of functions?rehearsals, baby showers, weddings, business meetings, etc.?as well as themed ideas for the community. They do Paint Nite's weekly and hold monthly event dinners ranging from cocktail dinners to spirit artist events to murder mystery dinner theater shows and many more.

Over the years, Alden Park has developed and started to be known for its Kentucky Derby Fundraiser, focusing on the significant event of the Kentucky Derby, which is held every first week of May, and encouraging their guests to actively participate in it. The guests enjoy coming in in their fancy dresses, sear-sucker suits, big hats, and bow ties. The entire afternoon is largely focused on raising money for a local charity while simultaneously promoting Alden Park to first-time guests. At the end of the day, everyone has had the time of their life, has considerably contributed to a good cause, and goes home already talking and excited about coming back the following year.

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