The Art of Soundproofing Your Home: An Interview with Steven Drago of New England Soundproofing

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

New England Soundproofing started out as a family business in 1991, with Joseph Drago and Drago General Contracting. Joseph has been specializing in residential and commercial contracting throughout Massachusetts. His renowned, advanced skills in construction have earned him a reputation as one of Boston's premiere contractors. His work has been featured in many residential showcases and industry publications. As the contracting industry became over-populated and Joseph Drago's clients started requesting more Sound Proofing, he wanted to bring his contracting skills to the next level. As the years went by and the soundproofing industry improved, he saw an opportunity to improve peoples' quality of life with more effective soundproofing materials. After many years of satisfied customers, Joseph Drago and his two sons, Steven and Anthony, established New England Soundproofing, a Boston-based company providing consultation, installation, and low-price soundproofing material and service to the New England area. New England Soundproofing offers unparalleled expertise and service to clients looking for soundproofing solutions for their home or office. The company and its employees provide clients with superior soundproofing solutions and installations that fit each client's unique needs.

What are some of the services your company provides?

New England Soundproofing is a full service soundproofing company. We range our service from consulting, providing sound reducing materials, and even full installation of the materials. New England Soundproofing services from start to finish and has earned a well-deserved reputation as true knowledgeable professionals. New England Soundproofing provides all the solutions to your sound problems!

What is involved with the process of soundproofing my home?

Soundproofing a home is always different job to job. Every job is unique to not only the home but to the customer. To properly soundproof, the main product we use is our Sound Barrier MD or HD. This is a high dense material that is used to block the noise from coming through your wall or ceiling. Along with that, we successfully use our sound clips and resilient channels along with our Sound Insulation. Proper installation along with proper materials, makes for proper soundproofing.

What are acoustic panels and how can they help reduce the amount of echoing in my home?

Acoustics are the way a room manages or handles the sound waves. Sound waves traveling through the air and reflecting off solid objects such as walls, floors, and ceilings need to be absorbed. This is also known as reverberation or echo. Acoustic panels are designed to slow down the reverberation time (or echo) of sound to a manageable level, so that you can hear with clarity. New England Soundproofing can help you control the sound within a room. Acoustic Panels help absorb the waves that bounce off the walls in conference rooms, auditoriums, movie theaters, gymnasiums, and even classrooms. Any large room that requires clarity would benefit from acoustic panels.

What are the benefits that may come along with soundproofing?

Peace of Mind is the result when we soundproof your home or business. It is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can't hear the neighbors, and that THEY can't hear you! Soundproofing your home or office makes it a stress-free zone by eliminating the NOISE; traffic, barking dogs, footsteps, loud music, raised voices, even mechanical systems like boilers, generators, heaters, plumbing or AC units. These are the sounds of modern living. Peace & Quiet is a precious commodity, and one that New England Soundproofing can deliver with precision.

Is this an invasive process? How long will the project take?

Just like there is different ways to soundproof a room, there is different procedures and time periods per project. Proper wall/ceiling soundproofing includes demoing the wall to the studs, installing our sound absorption insulation, and sealing all joints and seals with acoustical caulk or MLV Tape. From there you can go further and have our sound clip and channel system and/or do double layer of the sound barrier installed. You would then install the sheetrock/blue board. Time frame varies on the size of the wall/ceiling. It can be from one day to multiple days.

What are some of the new products and solutions for soundproofing that have come out in recent years?

New products include better clip systems, better channels, and better accessories to go along with the sound barrier. Also, the acoustic panels have been changing to increase the NRC (absorption) and help the reverberation.

Anything else you'd like to share about the art of soundproofing?

The art of soundproofing is always different project to project, and person to person. There is no one solution for soundproofing, it is in the eye of the consumer. New England Soundproofing does on site consultations and gets to see how much soundproofing the customer wants, what noise they want to get rid of, etc.

What is the best way to get in contact with you or your company?

New England Soundproofing: 190 Felton St Waltham MA 02453, 781-710-1261 -

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