Boston's Without a Hitch Gives the Bride and Groom the Personal Touch of Hands-On Wedding Coordination on Their Big Day

Your wedding is a big deal. It's an event that you'll recall yearly, remembering every detail and savoring every picture. For some, they want to hire a full stage wedding planner, avoiding the stress and difficulty of the planning stages. But for others, the planning is part of the fun, leaving them to be hands-on, having full control over every stage of the planning and preparation.

But for those who do not want to hire a full service coordinator, they find themselves scrambling on the day of the wedding. One thing many forget, when opting to plan a wedding themselves, is that on the day of the event they will not be able to regain control. You can't walk down the aisle and ensure the sound system is working adequately all at the same time. So what is a bride to do?

This is what Sarah Basch wanted to resolve when she founded Without a Hitch?a day-of wedding coordination company.

In today's world, the internet has provided an assortment of DIY wedding sites, blogs, and venue catalogues to couples, easing the hassle of planning their own big day. "These involved brides and grooms are taking matters into their own hands, but they still deserve to enjoy every special moment of the wedding without stress," says Basch.

To do so, they can hire a day-of coordinator: someone who is there to ensure that their hard work and planning over the last several months does not go to waste. "The day-of coordinator provides that opportunity, ensuring that your plans are carried out smoothly and that any problems are handled immediately and discreetly, freeing up the wedding party and guests to enjoy a perfectly planned day," Basch explains.

Without a Hitch works directly with the clients, learning their proposed timeline and concepts. They help keep track of vendors and guests, set up the layouts and centerpieces, and coordinate transportation - as well as any other needs that may arise during the event.

One of the greatest assets that Without a Hitch has to offer is perhaps its small size. They're not overwhelmed, they're not overbooked. Their small staff will get to know you and your event and will be able to give it that personal touch that comes with such familiarity. Unlike larger corporate-style wedding coordination companies, Without a Hitch will be that shoulder to lean on, that hand to hold, and that support you need when you need it most.

"You will recognize us at your event," says Basch. "Because of this, we get to know clients on a personal level through check-up emails, meetings, and calls, and they feel comfortable reaching out to us on a regular basis and during the event for any issue or question."

Basch founded her company on one sole belief: couples should be able to enjoy their big day without worrying about all of the little details. You've done the planning, you've done the work. Now, let Without a Hitch make sure it goes smoothly.

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