Brookline Artist Series: Art That Has No Boundaries, Part 3

When a person thinks of the word "Art", they most commonly think of a painting or two, perhaps hanging up in a gallery or displayed on their wall. There are forms of art that are simply more common than others, for example painting, drawing, singing or playing music, etc. However, the official definition of art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination to produce works for beauty or emotional power". That being said, something that is considered "art" does not have to be in a specific form whatsoever. In fact, inspiration can be found almost anywhere and (with some skill) can be created into something amazing. In the words of famous country singer K.D. Lang, "Look- art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries. Art doesn't really have judgment in it's purest form. So just go, just go."

Katrina Majkut, The Feminist Bride

Katrina Majkut, originally born in Boston, is a research-based internationally exhibiting artist dedicated to understanding and exploring feminine narratives in aesthetics, media, history and personal experiences, with a particular focus in marriage and wedding traditions. She is perhaps best known for her blog "The Feminist Bride" and the way it addresses questions not so commonly pondered by the average bride, for example: Why don't men wear engagement rings? Is it acceptable for bachelorettes to hit up the strip clubs too? Why can't the groom change his last name instead?

Her artwork follows this same pattern, often displaying scenes that are commonly associated with getting married, but have the ability to raise controversial questions if analyzed thoroughly.

"When I paint something like the bachelorette party (above), I'm curious as to how it so obviously plays into the spectacle, the male gaze and heteronormative gender roles but simultaneously allows women to own and express their sexuality?", Majkut states. "Life and my art practice is much more interesting, at least for me, when I set out to question convention. I never set out to become a feminist writer or artist, I just started with what I knew and was familiar with, but now that I seem to occupy this space I find it entirely empowering and amazing."

Katrina's artwork has led her to become internationally recognized, first being listed as one of four international artist starting a new chapter in feminist art by Mic Media, and then being chosen as a finalist for the International Museum of Women's collaboration with the Global Fund for Women #EqualityIs media project. During her time as a student at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts she was also awarded an honorable mention in their painting department.

Most recently, the Hotel Commonwealth has taken an interest in Katrina's work, asking to feature her as a born and bred Bostonian that has smart, sophisticated, and purposeful artwork. They took a special interest in her screenprints and enjoyed the fact that each piece had unique and interesting elements that go past mere decorations. Take a look at a couple of her screenprints below.

One of the most amazing things about Katrina and her artwork is that she strives everyday to be herself- not to fit into the constraints of what artwork must be or what is considered "the norm".
"No artist wants to be normal. Normal art would be unoriginal, ubiquitously commercial and commonplace. I think that all artists strive for a clear and distinct voice that distinguishes itself from the rest both conceptually and visually."

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