Children Run, Jump, and Play in Imagine's Indoor Playground

On those rainy days, when you don't know what to do with your cooped up child, Imagine might just be the answer to all your troubles. Regardless of the weather, Imagine has enough to keep every restless child occupied, engaged, and enthralled.

Imagine is a two-story play space available every day of the year. The upper level of this fascinating facility has been painstakingly crafted to mimic a pretend town, complete with grocery, library, health care, lunch counter, bakery, theater, hair salon, ice-cream parlor, and more. The bottom level is aimed more at physical play, boasting climbing structures, a trampoline, bounce house, swings, scooters, and fantasy area with castle. But the fun doesn't stop on the inside.

"There is also a fun outdoor area with a three level wooden ship to climb through, lobster shack and tube slide," states Amy Waltz, founder. "Our play space houses an amazing art gallery as well, which is appealing to children and encourages creativity."

Because of the various options available to young minds, Imagine has become a popular space for both drop in play stops and birthday parties. For events, such as birthday parties, there are five private rooms and two open, large-spaced halls available for event rentals. The facility provides basic plates, cups, silverware, reusable table cloths, a happy birthday banner, and shared use of the kitchen, all you provide is the cake/food/beverage.

"It is larger than most play spaces and almost never feels crowded or loud," says Waltz, when asked what has made Imagine so popular as a birthday party space.

Regardless of what brings you to the play space, you can bet there is almost always something going on. Programs available at Imagine range from arts and crafts for young children, to sing-a-long parachute games, to storytelling, to painting for all ages, to music and dance performance, to dance classes and more. "Most of our bilingual or age based playgroups include a weekly art or craft activity," Waltz details. While their programs have exceeded expectations, Waltz states that she truly hopes to see a much larger community participation in the area of the arts over the next upcoming year.

Each and every activity and program at Imagine has been carefully thought out to provide a positive impact on every aspect of a child's growth and development. "Children have a fabulous time at Imagine and learn naturally while engrossed in play," Waltz states. "There are tremendous social, physical, emotional, intellectual development opportunities to challenge children throughout the entirely interactive play space."

This distinctive interaction between children of various age groups is also an important facet, as it encourages a variety of character traits, social skills, and learning. "Children who attend regularly make good friends, and learn a variety of skills that are likely to remain important throughout their lives," Waltz affirms.

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