Creative Fries and Gourmet Burgers at the Boston Burger Company

If you missed them on Diners, Dives and Drive-ins, you've probably seen them on Rachel Ray. Or Phantom Gourmet. The Mac Attack, a burger topped with a homemade 4-cheese mac & cheese and bacon, has been rated as the second best burger in the country. The Boston Burger Company has creative comfort foods, craft beers and local art. Founder and Co-owner Charles Sillari says that what sets the BBC apart from the competition is that "We hand press all of our patties, make all of our sauces and dressings and our signature burger combos are some of the most unique in the country. Everything we make is over the top, from our burgers to our frappes."

The signature burger combos have a unique look, with contents carefully balanced, literally, in mini leaning towers between the two sides of the bun. Sillari says that he would recommend the Hot Mess to someone who really loves burgers: "It's one of our most popular burgers since winning the Rachael Ray Battle of the Burger. The homemade 1000 Island and sweet potato fries are really a great combo."

Other unique offerings are the Pilgrim, which is a turkey burger served with homemade cranberry mayonnaise, stuffing, and American cheese; and the King, a highly unlikely and wildly popular combination of peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas dusted in cinnamon & sugar. The Kitchen Sink comes with a fried egg, ham, bacon, sautéed peppers, mushrooms, onions, american, cheddar, provolone and BBC sauce. Turkey or vegetable patties can be substituted for any burger. The fries too come in a range of flavors, including pizza, Greek, buffalo cheese, cajun and inferno.

The key steps to making the perfect burger, says Sillari, are to "Season well, use a very hot grill to give it a good sear and don't touch it until it's ready. That will ensure the meat is juicy. You also need the right bun. Beef to bun ratio is really important." In other words, it's all about quality, and doing the basic, simple things really well.

The three locations attract guests from near and far, including many college students from the area. Customer reviews agree with the tv pundits, and add marks for service as well.

"Great food. Fast service. Large menu choices. Decided after seeing it on triple D felt I had to stop in on my next trip up for work. The ambiance is great. Small town service in the big city. And actually seeing one of the owners here. I highly recommend that if your in the area to make sure you stop by and get a great burger."

"Best burger selection on the east coast. The customer service is the best I ever had. I left my card at the restaurant and the manager ran four blocks to track me down and give it back to me. Highly recommended for burger enthusiasts and good people in general."

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