Designing Your Perfect Yard: An Interview with Snow and Sons Tree & Landscaping

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

We were founded in 1980 by Ed Snow Jr. and Ed Snow Sr. In the beginning we remained small as we developed a great client base. Over the last 33 years we have continued to build on both an excellent staff and clientele. Now with approximately 60 employees during our peak season we offer a wide range of services to both our commercial and residential client base.

What is your company's mission?

To be the leader in quality and professionalism from the perspective of both our clients and community. To create an environment where employees enjoy coming to work and have a place to grow. With both of these working together create great working relationships between our clients and employees.

What are some of the services your company provides?

We are a full service landscaping company that provides the following services:

Maintenance- including mowing, spring and fall cleanups, trimming and pruning of plantings
Landscape construction- including planting design and installation along with planting renovations
Hardscaping- including walkways, walls and patios
Irrigation maintenance and installation
Lawn care programs- including organic options and aeration
Garden installation and maintenance
Winter maintenance
Pool maintenance
Excavating and drainage work
Holiday decorating
Landscape lighting
Golf course maintenance

This list is a good summary of the services we provide. There are also other services but these represent our core offering. To see a complete list please visit our website.

What is the best way for people to reach you and or your company?

We can be reached by telephone (413-774-2604), email (, through our website (, or through our Facebook page. Whichever form of communication people would prefer to use works for us!

In a quick overview, please explain the process of designing and renovating your lawn from start to finish.

Lawn renovations should be done in the spring or fall. Ideally fall is a much better time since there is much more time for the lawn to establish itself without the stresses of weeds and heat that a spring seeding can bring. The type of renovation really depends greatly on the condition of the site, soil, budget and overall condition of the lawn. A soil test should always be done to make sure pH and nutrient levels are at correct levels. A lot of times aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and lime can be done to improve the overall condition of the lawn and for a successful renovation. If the soil is particularly bad or there are other issues such as heavy thatch or grub damage a more intensive renovation may be needed including stripping the layer of thatch and top layer of the lawn. If the soil is poor this may include adding loam to the site. Again, a lot of this depends on the overall conditions and the budget.

How should one prepare prior to their yard's renovation?

This really depends on what type of renovation you will be doing. If you are going to be overseeding or lightly topdressing to renovate the lawn you want to make sure you kill any weed/unwanted vegetation. This will help reduce competition and reduce these populations. Depending on the type of weed it may begin to come back after the lawn is established and selective controls can be used at that time. Right before overseeding the lawn should be mowed down very tight to help with seed to soil contact with the overseeder. There are also other approaches that are more organic if that's the direction someone wanted to go.

What maintenance is required for someone who wishes to create a concrete design in their yard?

Concrete hardscapes such as pavers or poured concrete can be maintained by applying a cleaner and then following that up with an application of a sealer product. Depending on the amount of gloss wanted depends on the amount of applications. The more applications of sealer the more glossy the finish. Depending on the product the sealer should last from 1-3 years.

What suggestions do you have for someone who wants to improve a notoriously rocky or weed ridden area in their lawn?

If you have an area of your lawn full of weeds, rocks and poor soil then my recommendation would be to remove that soil and add a fresh layer of loam or add loam on top of the existing soil. Removing the soil and replacing with loam would be the best option if budget allowed. If an area of the lawn was covered in weeds but had good soil I would recommend a soil test and some selective weed control. This may need to be followed up with some overseeding depending on the amount of healthy turf in that area.

Do you have any suggestions for easy DIY projects that greatly improve curb appeal?

Every site and landscape is different but overall general maintenance and upkeep make the biggest difference. If you're already doing this well some easy DIY projects would be lawn fertilization to keep the front lawn looking healthy and lush. Adding a fresh layer of mulch and a distinct landscaping edge to planting beds can help greatly. Depending on the current landscape, plants can be added or new beds created. Using a variety of plants can help give you curb appeal and color throughout the year.

In your personal opinion, what is your favorite lawn feature, and why? (e.g. fire pit, rock garden, mulch covered areas, fountains, etc.)

In my opinion it's a combination of many different landscape features that makes the best landscape. If I had to narrow it down to a limited few it would be a nice healthy lawn, landscaped/mulched beds around the house and in isolated areas of the property, and a patio and walkways. I believe the combination of these features can create a great looking property. Adding water features, landscape lighting, fire pits, gardens, and other features will only further enhance the landscape.

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