Destress At Taireki Yoga

Life can be stressful. Luckily Taireki Yoga is there to help you make the stress melt away. Owner Ivor Edmonds took some time to answer our questions about Taireki.

Why should someone contending with stress visit your wellness center?

Each healer at Taireiki is certified in multiple healing modalities, allowing them to synergize a customized treatment for your needs. Our space is designed to release tension and support your immune system giving your a relaxed feeling when you enter. From gemstones, to CBD oil, to essential oils we offer a menu of products and services to relieve your stress.

What advice would you give to beginning yoga practitioners?

The the beginning yogi, listen to your body. When performing any asana or exercise be gentle with yourself and listen to the feedback your body gives you. Stay within 80% of your threshold for pain, tension,flexibility, and strength to insure you don't injure yourself today so you can practice tomorrow. You can go as deeply as you want to in a pose, but enter and exit slowly.

What else would you like to convey to the public about your wellness center? What do you enjoy about your job?

We work with victims of violent crimes and those suffering from PTSD in our Resiliency Program.

We currently teach trauma healing seminars and wellness seminars at St. Francis Hose Homeless Shelter, Veronica B Smith Senior Center, MIT's Track and Field Team, and Toast Inc.

We offer 25 classes a week, private sessions, and certification in Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, and Meditation. Our additional list of private services includes: Massage, Physical Therapy, Jin Shin Jutsu, Acupuncture, Tui Na, Tong Ren, Sound Therapy.

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