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As I'm sure you know, Plymouth, Massachusetts is a historical port town with open access to the sea. With this type of access, recreational opportunities expand, drawing in fishermen, whale watchers, and adventurous individuals from all over in addition to the historical fans and regular tourists. Captain Tim Brady & Sons have taken it upon themselves to help show these excited visitors, as well as locals, around the sea, giving them an expert's eye on where to find the best catch or the biggest whale.

Captain Tim Brady & Sons offer a unique service which encompasses many options including Deep Sea fishing, Sports fishing, Whale Watching, and Specialty Cruises for 1-30 people. While they may not be the only Charter boat operation in town, they do bring something extra to the table. "We are a larger, US Coast Guard inspected charter boat that is licensed to safely take more clients than the typical 6 passenger boat," explains Captain Tim Brady.

The vessel he is referencing is entitled the Mary Elizabeth and is a Beals Island type boat certified to handle groups up to forty-nine people. "The Mary Elizabeth was custom built under the supervision of the U.S. Coast Guard for us by the Young Brothers of Maine, and was designed by marine architect Earnest Libbey," states Brady. The boat is the ultimate in Charter boat luxury, featuring amenities such as the latest in electronic navigational & fish finding equipment, enclosed and open deck areas, dual station conning, AC/DC power, head and shower, lee outriggers, and the latest fishing tackle.

The Mary Elizabeth is not the only highly-qualified member of the Captain Tim Brady & Sons team. Captain Tim Brady Jr. is fully versed in all things sea-related, having a Bachelors degree from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a Masters Degree from Cambridge College. He is currently an active professor, teaching all of the tanker operations courses at MMA. His real world experience is just as impressive as his in-class record, beginning his boating career at the early age of 10 on local party boats.

He then received his first Captain's license at age nineteen and went on to sail around the world as a Merchant Marie, and later becoming a Merchant Marie Veteran of the Persian Gulf War. And if that's not enough to convince you of his sea-worthiness, Brady currently holds the world's largest tonnage Captain's license from the International Maritime Organization as well as the US Coast Guard's highest tonnage license. Brady's First Mate, Mike Torrance is well-skilled as well, cited on the website as being able to "take care of anything that makes its appearance out on the ocean; either that being rough seas, dog fish, or absolute chaos."

"Our long experience in these waters means we know where, when, and how to put you on the fish or whales," Brady proudly states.

So what can a client of Captain Tim Brady & Sons expect on a venture? "On a whale watch or fishing cruise we will often encounter, whales, seals, dolphins, seabirds, and sharks," Brady tells us. He goes on, explaining his most popular trips available, "Currently, Deep Sea fishing for cod, haddock and pollock, Sport fishing for striped bass and bluefish, Bachelor and Bachelorette Cruises, Memorial Cruises and Whale Watches are our most popular options." Specialty Cruises available also include Narrated Harbor Tours, Lighthouse Cruises, Sunset Cruises, and Day Cruises to a multitude of locations. "We offer a fun, safe, economical way for groups of 7-30 clients to really get out and enjoy the ocean off the Massachusetts coast," Captain Brady assures us.

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