Help Your Child Grow as a Dancer and a Person with Mary Flynn Murphy Dance Studio

Dance is both a fun activity and wonderful exercise, but it's much more than that, says studio Owner Danielle McCabe: "Dance has many physical and mental heath benefits. It is a great way to get active and stay fit! Dance will also boost your memory, improve flexibility and balance, reduce stress, diminish depression, increase energy, and it is a great way to make life-long friends." Dance is right for everyone, she feels, and encourages everyone to join in a dance class.

The Mary Flynn Murphy Dance Studio (MFM) has dance classes for everyone, from preschoolers to serious competitive dancers. McCabe says "We also have a wonderful program called Wiggle Worms for little mover and shakers 18 months to 3 years old! Dance is for everyone: every body type, every age! We also offer several competition teams for the more serious dancer. These dancers are required to dance several days a week so the fitness level for these dancers is a bit higher."

Classes for older children and teens include ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. They prepare children for both recreational and competitive dancing. Ballet classes teach all the basics, as well as the proper French terminology. Classes run from September to May, and end with the annual recital which gives everyone the chance to perform. The summer program includes the Summer Fun dance camp and the Jazzy Jewelry Camp with music and crafts. There's also a Wiggle Worms summer edition.

Dance isn't only for girls, McCabe adds, and hip hop and tumbling classes are wonderful for boys. McCabe explains that "Dance requires great skills, strength, and agility which boys can excel in just as well as girls." Even professional athletes, and especially football players, take dance classes to help improve their coordination and balance, she adds. Tumbling classes are a combination of fun and skill, with cartwheels, rollovers forward and back, handstands, headstands, roundoffs, front walkover, back walkovers, chin-stands, and more.

As McCabe says, dance does lead to lifelong friendships, and the MFM has had students who began at the studio as babies and danced all the way to graduation. And they keep coming back. McCabe recalls that "Last year we had an alumni number in our annual recital that was a dedication to our founder, Mary Flynn Murphy, who passed away and we had dancers on stage ranging from their 20s to their 70s!"

The studio also hosts birthday parties for kids, with irresistible themes like Fairy Princess, Glamour Girl, CheerDance, HipHop, Frozen, Fantasy Dress up and Tea Party. It includes snacks and drinks, setting up, a coupon for a free dance class for each guest, and the cleanup afterwards as well.

Anyone wanting to learn can take an introductory class, and registration for the fall session is now open. The studio has state of the art facilities and is conveniently located in Ball Square in downtown Somerville.

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