How to Choose a Reliable Home Inspector: An Interview with John Ward of Homestead Report Home Inspection

Tell us a little about your company and the services you offer.

Homestead Report Home Inspection is a family owned business, operated by Mr. John Ward. John has 17 years of experience inspecting residential and commercial properties. He is licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Homestead Report's services include a complete inspection of your future residence or business from the roof all the way down to basement floor, including all major systems in the home/building. We offer Radon testing and insect inspection as well.

What qualifications should all home inspectors have?

All home inspectors, as in many professions, are required to be licensed in the state they are practicing. This information can be found on the state's website. Be sure that your inspector is licensed to practice in the state you are buying your home. Most inspectors have also completed some kind of schooling along with state mandated course credits to keep them up to date on policies and procedures. Asking a friend or neighbor for a reference also doesn't hurt.

What are some of the best questions for prospective customers to ask before hiring a home inspector?

The questions to ask before hiring an inspector are "How long have you been inspecting homes?" "What are your credentials?" "Are you licensed in my state?" "How long will the inspection take?" What areas of the home, specifically, will you inspect?" What type of report will I be given and when will I receive my report?" The home inspector should also answer any other questions you may have confidently and to your satisfaction.

How can people judge the quality and reliability of a home inspector they don't know?

Judging the quality and reliability of a home inspector is hard when just speaking with him on the phone. His knowledge, professional manner and thoroughness are a good gauge on whether your inspector is competent or not. His ability to answer all of your questions and concerns thoroughly is important. Sometimes you can find a past client and speak with them.

Is there generally any type of guarantee or warranty associated with a home inspection?

There is no guarantee with a home inspection. An inspection is, by nature, a snap shot in time. Your inspector is analyzing the condition of your future home in its current condition on the day of the inspection.

What advice would you give people who need to have a home inspection done as soon as possible?

If you need and inspection right away, we suggest you call as soon as possible. Typically you have 10 days from the date of the signed "offer to purchase" to complete your inspection. It is recommended to call as soon as the "offer" has been signed. This will allow your home inspector enough flexibility to put you on the schedule.

What's the best way for people to contact you and/or your company?

The best way to contact John Ward at HOMESTEAD REPORT is to call (978) 851-6263. That is the quickest way to schedule an appointment. You can also email Homestead Report at

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