How to Design the Kitchen of Your Dreams: An Interview with Roy Krantz of krantzform

What's one of the biggest mistakes you've seen people make during the kitchen design and installation process?

There are many opportunities to make mistakes when designing their kitchen. The "biggest" is not asking yourself and others who will share the kitchen a lot of questions.

What do you do to help homeowners avoid this mistake?

We ask a LOT of questions and listen carefully to the answers. When we get a new client, we try and grocery shop with them to learn their habits and see which door they use to bring in bundles, and where they put things when they come home.
Then I stay for dinner. Here's where I learn how the kitchen gets used. Does one person do the prep and cooking? Another person do the cleanup? Or does more than one person share most of the process? Some couples may need two sinks in their kitchens to keep their sanity. Does a young child need access to the microwave??

What are the basic steps of a kitchen design? Which one is the most involved and why?

Step One: Know why you're re-doing your kitchen- balance the issue of resale with your personal needs and wants.

Step Two: Know your budget. You should have two numbers in mind- how much you want to spend? And how much can you spend? Most likely someone will come up with a great idea half-way into the design process that could blow your budget out of whack. Try and set some limits before that happens.

Step Three: Find someone to help you through the maze. Setting realistic goals is very important.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Check out the website (, then email

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