Ignite Fitness & Development Gets You In Shape

Located in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston, Ignite Fitness & Development has everything you need to reach your fitness goals. Staffed by top-notch trainers, Ignite can curate fitness programs to your needs as well as offer nutrition and dietary assistance. Jesse Wilson, owner and master trainer, answered some of our questions about the facility.

How can your fitness center help clients meet their weight loss goals?

Ignite focuses on functional strength training which utilizes the entire body (vs traditional "cardio" and body-part based training.) This helps to correct any strength deficiencies and imbalances and also boosts the body's metabolism. A higher metabolism helps to convince the body that weight loss is needed, and when done over time, the body gets convinced over and over again as our systems biologically want to stop doing things that are difficult. Functional strength training with a unique emphasis on metabolic activation through safe yet very intense bursts is a must for moving things in the direction of weight loss. This is what Ignite offers in a nutshell.

How would you describe your nutritional program?

Nutrition is relatively simple (but not necessarily easy!) once a sustainable pattern is developed. Developing the pattern can be very tricky if someone doesn't know where to start or what they need to change. Working with people 1-1 to discuss their present patterns and opportunities for improvement is a big way to help shed some light on how to begin. Ongoing support is important too so when people need help they aren't left to return to nutritional choices that are not conducive with the physical changes they want and have been training for. Beyond this lifestyle and health coaching may be required and Ignite is affiliated with professionals in these fields who can offer their in-depth professional guidance to make sure no one feels like they are spinning their wheels or regressing in the least.

What else would you like to convey to the public about your fitness center? What do you enjoy about your job?

Ignite is a welcoming place for everybody from all backgrounds and walks of life. The community of amazing people who train with Ignite is the best part. Training is extremely difficult but at the same time incredibly fun. It isn't uncommon for people to remark on how paradoxical it is that they are being pushed to their physical limits and yet laughing most of the time. Ignite is a completely locally owned and operated small business and all of Ignite's business comes from referrals, word-of-mouth and from the interest from an occasional "walk-in." Lots of the clients have been training with Ignite for more than 5 years (some 8+!) and everybody appreciates that their workout are personalized for them and only them regardless of whether the dynamic they train in is small-group or 1-1.

I really enjoy helping people and making everyone feel safe and supported while simultaneously giving them the capacity and environment to bring the heat and make real change for themselves. I go to sleep at night knowing that I have actually helped people to feel good and better about themselves.

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