Integral Somatic Bodywork In Northampton, Massachusetts Transforms The Way We Live

Integral Somatic Bodywork provides hands-on support and tools to meet chronic and temporary body challenges. Ishmael Dengate offers personal bodywork sessions out of his Northampton studio to meet the unique needs of each client that walks through the door. Dengate combines his training background in both western and eastern healing modalities to heal the mind, body, and the spirit.

"I've been able to help a number of clients who have had long-term pain whether stemming from car accidents, sports injuries, or post-traumatic stress," Dengate said. "I sit presently with the pain and trauma that has lodged in the body and help it to unwind and finally resolve."

Many people go about their daily lives harboring traumatic pain in their minds and their bodies. Unresolved emotional issues can present as physical symptoms in the form of migraines, digestive problems, or muscular pain. Luckily, Dengate is here to help, providing space to support the body's natural healing systems to help release fear, sadness, and anger. Dengate also helps clients experiencing long term pain stemming from car accidents, sports injuries, and post-traumatic stress.

"Most rewarding for me has been working with a couple of clients who, through a series of bodywork sessions, were finally able to stop experiencing PTSD symptoms and then went on to make major life changes that resulted in achieving successful careers and rewarding relationships," Dengate said.

Ishmael Dengate

It is incredible how profoundly Dengate has transformed the lives of so many people with such a wide range of physical and psychological problems. Dengate finds it immensely rewarding to help people address their health challenges whether in the form of a sports injury, postural stress from sitting in an office chair all day, or physical pain that a doctor was unable to help correct. Perhaps Dengate feels so passionately about helping others through pain because he has experienced the benefits of bodywork firsthand.

"Personally, I've experienced the benefits of receiving bodywork, both in relieving back pain and addressing insomnia," Dengate said. "Now I am healthier and have more vitality than I did in my 20s and 30s."

Dengate started meditating 25 years ago keeps up a personal meditation and Gi Gong regimen 20 hours a week while parenting two young children. Bodywork has transformed his life. Without these practices, Dengate would not be in the position he is in today: willing and able to help the minds and bodies of others heal, maintain, and grow.

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