Creativity through Hardscaping: An Interview with Liberty Orchards Landscaping

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Liberty Orchards Landscaping offers design and installation of hardscape and planting projects for new homes as well as renovations within our area. We feel that the landscaping of a home adds both beauty and value and is important when buying or selling. The landscaping is most often the first impression of a home and that is very important. We work for people as if it were our own home and we want that first impression in our work. Being in business since 1989, we've had the opportunity to work with other contractors as well as a variety of products. Yes, like everyone, we have favorites, but, we adjust to make sure that what is best for the project at hand is utilized. Being creative and adding a personal touch will give a project that one of a kind finish.

Once a home has an established yard, there is the maintenance. We offer the care of your properties planter beds and the plants within. Organic feeding of plants as needed, re edging to maintain the shape of beds two or three times a season, and adding mulch on an annual basis is part of the maintenance. Trimming and dead heading is very important to maintain the plants health and their value. We prefer natural pruning over shearing when possible. We can recommend and install more permanent edging to a planted area to enhance the division of planter verses lawn. Adding new plants or bulbs can help keep the interest of even your regular company. All of this helps protect your investment and maintain the value of your home.

Our key strategy for quality service is doing quality work and offering solutions that fit the customers needs and budget. Being honest to the customer about the outcome of each option they are offered giving them a realistic expectation of the work that will be performed.

What types of landscaping projects have you worked on in the past?

We have worked on a variety of projects in the past with patios, walks, and ponds winning out as favorites. These types of project may be a necessity such as a main entrance walk or a retaining wall. Some are optional like installing a patio with pavers verses a deck. Some projects can be for your own relaxation or visions such as garden paths, ponds, or developing a quiet area. With the economy the way it is, more people spend more time at home and invest in themselves by developing their own entertainment and relaxation areas instead of vacationing away. No matter what the reasons or type of project, it is still adding value to your property. Some older homes are in need of upgrades. We have replaced old concrete walks with pavers that enhanced the home by adding character and color. Concrete around pools that cleaning won't help any longer has been replaced with beautiful pavers. Again, I feel the money spent on these upgrades or installations will be returned in the value of the home.

In your opinion, why is a well maintained lawn important for the average homeowner?

While Liberty Orchards Landscaping does not do lawn maintenance, we do feel a well maintained lawn is necessary to maintain the value of its surroundings. A well maintained lawn does not have to mean a perfect lawn, but, that it is mowed regularly and is in generally good health. A well maintained lawn also maintains accessibility around your yard for entertainment purposes such as parties or playing sports in the yard. It is also key for people servicing the exterior of your home.

You seem to offer many different services to your customers. Would you pick any specific ones out as your specialties?

As you might have already caught on, we are targeting our specialties in the hardscape field. We enjoy the challenge a yard has to offer in creating space for entertaining and relaxation. Of course there is also the necessities like the front walk, the patios, or a retaining wall to support the soils in the yard. We have experience with a variety of products made by different manufacturers including Mother Nature, and enjoy working with them all. We can help you select the right product for your project and budget.

What should each customer expect from a good landscaping company?

Customers should expect a true interest in their project from a good landscape company. The landscape company should put the customer first then themselves. Customers should feel as though they are being helped in the guidance of choices for the project they are doing. Returned calls on a timely basis is very important. References should be available when asked. The company should be properly insured. Customers should expect the landscape company to do the leg work and produce catalogs, pictures, or places to visit in order to help understand the companies proposal. An approximate start date should be available if given the work. Once a job begins, a professional appearance by the company should be maintained by all the personnel on site including any sub contractors that may have been invited. The job isn't done until the mess is cleaned up and the customer is happy. The customer should expect and want to be used as a future reference for the landscape company.

What sets your business apart from other comparable companies? Do you believe you do anything better/different?

I believe our company is set apart from other comparable companies by the creativity we add to a project. We will often add something our customer didn't expect which adds excitement to the project. It may be a sitting wall on a patio, an inlay in the walk or patio, or maybe a small garden. We look at every project as an individual and unique type of opportunity to the next. It is difficult yet possible for us to install a square patio or a straight walk. Most of our plantings are completed by using at least some unique type of plant in the plan. We take pride in our work and leave only when the job is done. We do have references and a web site showing some of our work.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

The best way to contact me is e mail at which I check daily, or call me at 413-283-6408 and leave a message. I will get back to you.

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