Maximizing Space In A Smaller Apartment

Small living spaces mean little storage. There are many tricks to making a small apartment your home from decorating to give a more spacious appearance to optimizing space. You can live comfortably in a small apartment. Try these tasteful tips to help make the most of your small apartment.

Organize everything.

A small space means everything must be in its place. That means any storage space must be used to its fullest potential. Build or buy closet organizers to maximize storage space in all rooms. Use over-the-door pocket hangers for shoes, ties or socks. Create imaginative organization solutions to keep your possessions in their place.

Clean and de-clutter.

Donate any item no longer used or clothes that don't fit. Paper clutter, clothes and shoes all over the floor or furniture, dirt and grime really makes a tiny apartment feel its size. Keep all rooms sparklingly clean and contain the messes to showcase your apartment at its best. Keep windows especially clean to improve flow and provide the idea of space by bringing the outside in. This should be easy to do if everything has its place.

Add mirrors.

Add a small mirror or two on the walls as part of the decor to provide additional depth to a room. Look for mirrors that double as artwork.

Use multipurpose furniture.

Purchase multifunctional furniture, especially if living in a micro or studio apartment. For instance, a kitchen table with extensions can be made into a few sizes. Keep it folded down when it's just you or extend the length to use as a desk or when having friends or family over for dinner. Folding chairs can be stored in a closet or behind the couch when not in use. Buy a hideaway couch/bed. Get creative with items you already own and save space.

Light up the space.

Proper lighting is essential in a small apartment. Three lights attuned to a focal point help create depth and space in a room. Try a mix of floor, table or wall fixtures for variety. Use the right lighting for the room. Bright lighting may give a cold, sterile feel to the room while dim lighting will be dark and uninviting. Experiment with different lights to get the desired effect depending on the room's natural light source and its intended use.

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