Meet Michael Brook, Cultural Anthropologist Turned Wedding Photographer

Cambridge, MA wedding photographer Michael Brook didn't have a traditional start to his photography career. The owner of Michael Brook Photography discovered his future career as a graduate student of cultural anthropology. He was in Hungary for fieldwork and during that trip, he says, "something just clicked" and his interest in photography became something deeper.

When he returned from Hungary to the University of Colorado Boulder, Michael says there were a few established photographers in his department who's work resonated with him after his experiences abroad.

"All things photography began to fascinate [me]," Michael says. "In the years after grad school, I went through a photography program at Working With Artists in Denver, where I was able to spend invaluable time honing [my] photography skills and getting comfortable with pursuing a personal vision with my images."

It wasn't until his friends started getting married when he realized his passion for wedding photography. Michael was, he says, one of the more enthusiastic guests at every wedding. It was this that helped him realize wedding photography was to be his focus and why.

"It struck me that the types of photography that resonated the most such as story telling, portraiture, tackling challenging technical situations, were all essential to wedding photography," Michael says. "It didn't hurt that the pageantry at weddings was stunning visually. Plus, creating images of some of the most powerful and beautiful moments in people's lives was deeply rewarding."

Although Michael specializes in wedding photography, he also does real estate photography, portraits, corporate photography and volunteers his photography services to nonprofit organizations. His photos are clear, sharp and vibrant, and black & white is used at times when composition or emotion is the focus.

Pricing for wedding photography packages start at $2,700, which includes Michael for six hours and an additional photographer three hours, digital high resolution images, image processing and an online gallery. He also allows clients to create their own package, if the standard wedding package doesn't suite their needs. Michael can be contacted via his website for more specific pricing details, services and quotes.

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