New Motherhood and Exercise? Oh Baby!

Here's the scenario: you're pregnant, you want to pick up an exercise regimen, but you're concerned about your baby's safety- and your own. End of the story? Well, if you're in Greater Boston, it doesn't have to be. A few women saw the need, got together, and decided to do something about it. That was how Oh Baby! Fitness was born.

Oh Baby! Fitness

"I have always been a fitness enthusiast. When I became pregnant I searched for programs that catered specifically to pregnant women, but my search yielded very little other than prenatal yoga classes," Co-owner of Oh Baby!'s South Shore location, Katelyn Woodard shares. "I chose to focus my efforts on pre and postnatal exercise because of my experience during pregnancy and the lack of options I found for safe and effective exercise for new and expectant moms. I decided I didn't want to do it alone and convinced my business partner Kristen St. Amour, a then stay-at-home mom, to join me on this journey!"

But how exactly do specifically tailored pregnant classes help a mother during pregnancy? Woodard puts it this way: "When you come to an Oh Baby! Fitness class you are surrounded only by other expectant moms. The workouts are designed with the pregnant woman in mind and include all specific modifications for and related to pregnancy. Because we are all certified in pre and postnatal exercise we create a safe environment where an expectant mom knows she is in good hands."

When your baby is born, it opens up a whole new world and you find yourself dealing with a new series of transitions. Your body changes yet again; your schedule is turned upside down; and your general lifestyle is overhauled. Oh Baby! Fitness understands that your baby will affect every area of your life- including your fitness. So should your little angel be considered in your search for a good exercise program? Definitely!

"Our mom and baby classes allow you to experience a challenging workout with your baby at your side. This is an extraordinary bonding experience as the baby is incorporated into all that we do. While the focus is solely on exercise for mom, the baby plays a large role in each and every movement," Woodard explains. "Whether you are pushing them in a float in H2Oh Baby or wearing them in a carrier for Mom and Baby Fitness, they are always at your side making you work just a little bit harder. They are your mini cheering squad and resistance tool at the same time!"

Oh Baby! Fitness is committed to helping women navigate the challenging phases of pregnancy and early motherhood as smoothly as possible. Aside from providing a variety of classes handled by certified instructors, they also have comprehensive resource guides and even personal merchandise. But perhaps what their clients like most about them is the support group they offer. Their mission says it all: to give new and expectant moms a place to find support, make friends, get fit, and bond with their babies.

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