Older People and Folks with Disabilities Remain Independent and Safe with the Help of Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services

An Aging Service Access Point (ASAP) is a private, nonprofit agency with a governing board representing people aged sixty and older. Such institutions are designated by the state, a product of the original movement dedicated to providing home care to people so that they could remain safely in their homes.

Somerville Cambridge Elder Services (SCES) is an ASAP that provides assistance for senior residents of Cambridge and Somerville, and also provides caregiver training. It is also an Area Agency on Aging, a federal designation that focuses on health, wellness, and delivery of community-based services.

Some SCES programs also serve adults with disabilities and people who need live-in care across the Greater Boston area. Such provisions are indispensable for people. Luckily, many of the programs are free for eligible residents, which really expands its level of impact.

One of SCES' quite offerings is "Meals on Wheels," which delivers hot, nutritious mid-day meals from Mondays through Saturdays. SCES Director of Outreach and Community Relations Nathan Lamb adds that they also provide cold bag suppers and frozen meals for people to eat over the weekend. In fact, SCES offers a wide variety of meals to fit the tastes and dietary needs of the residents they serve, including diets for people with medical conditions, ethnic foods, and even gluten-free options.

The SCES Aging Information Center, the primary point of contact with the public, is a great community resource that local residents can consult to obtain information, learn about government programs, and eligibility requirements. Conveniently for the callers, if a program is i identified that fits their needs, the information center can perform the referral directly. "We very much see it as a conduit between the community and services that can really help people," says Lamb.

Most older adults prefer to live in the privacy and comfort of their homes So, one of SCES's primary goals is to ensure easy access to a wide range of government-funded programs that can help people stay in their homes as long as possible.

SCES has a variety of individualized programs to fit your needs. For instance, Home Care is their principal program, an excellent facilitation of services that helps people maintain their independence and safely age in place. Available to eligible households, Home Care focuses on in-home support services such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, transportation, and laundry.

Another popular program is Adult Family Care, which offers caregivers a monthly stipend, training, and support. The person receiving care must be MassHealth eligible , reside within the SCES service area, and live with their caregiver. This program serves much of the Greater Boston Area and North Shore.

Lamb advises interested parties to call the information center and receive the most up-to-date information and advice.
"We are big believers in giving people options for living in the setting of their choice," highlights Lamb. "Promoting knowledge of free services and distributing critical informational resources are two of the most important services that SCES gives."

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