Orinoco Kitchen Adds a Little Latin Flavor to Your Life

If you've heard of a taguarita, then you'll be familiar with the concept behind Orinoco Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If you've never heard this term before, don't worry, it's not a common phrase used in the US. A taguarita is a family-run, rustic, and inviting eatery generally found along Venezuelan roadsides and is the primary inspiration for Orinoco Kitchen.

Orinoco Kitchen is a Latin-themed kitchen which was launched by a group of close friends, all of whom have native Venezuelan backgrounds. The group of friends was devotedly passionate about bringing an authentic Latin flavor and atmosphere to the Cambridge area. This passion shows in their menu, which blends the cuisine of the Andes with that of the Caribbean.

"Orinoco's menu is inspired by street fair staples that are common throughout South America, but with a Nuevo Latino twist," explains Andres Branger, Co-Owner of Orinoco Kitchen. "New refined culinary techniques give our dishes a sophisticated touch." Branger divulges that the menu is crafted from old family recipes but still takes full advantage of the local food suppliers. "We have specials that take full advantage of fresh, locally sourced ingredients," he says.

The original location, found in The South End of Boston, was launched in 2006. Nestled in a historic Victorian neighborhood, the eatery exceeded expectations and only two short years later, the group of entrepreneurial friends decided to kick off their second location in the Brookline Village. "It's a neighborhood with a heritage that goes back to 1662," states Branger. The third location, the Cambridge Orinoco, was opened in 2012, in the dynamic Harvard Square neighborhood. "It's just a couple of blocks from Harvard University," he details.

In addition to a South American styled menu, the unique eating establishment also places a heavy focus on South American wines, beers, and tropical fruit drinks. "Our Brookline Village location offers Caribbean-inspired specialty cocktails," Branger says. The menu isn't the only thing that is South American in approach. "Each Orinoco offers an affordable, neighborhood-focused dining tradition that is known for being casual, lively and fun," he tells us.

Currently, all three locations are walk-in only and do not accept reservations. However, there is always room for everyone at these local South American havens, and delivery is available through several options, such as Dinning In, Caviar, and DoorDash. For those looking to spice up their next event, a little Latin flavor can be added in the form of catering directly from the Orinoco Kitchen.

"Our specialty is an Arepa Party," details Branger. "You and your guests will have a great time creating your own arepa with a selection of our homemade fillings. With a selection of items from our menu, or special dishes created just for you, we'll make your party fun, zesty?and easy!"

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