Painting Tips from the Professionals: An Interview with Scott Moore of Quality Traditional Painting & Taping

Tell us a bit about your company and its foundation.

Quality Traditional Painting and Taping is stationed in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and services all towns in surrounding Berkshire County, Connecticut, and Vermont.

What painting services do you provide?

We are an owner operated business that specializes in, but is not limited to drywall installation, taping, interior and exterior painting, staining, polyurethane and power washing. We also provide skim coating, wall paper removal, texture finishes, repairs, and paint color consultation as well as carpentry service such as floor, trim, doors and cabinetry installation.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality of work without compromising the integrity of our craft for price or production while being attentive to your construction needs.

We pride ourselves on doing a neat and clean job, to make the construction experience the least invasive as possible.

No job is too small. Whether you want us to patch a hole due to small electrical or plumbing repair or drywall and paint a whole house, we are flexible to all your construction needs.

Do you recommend taping a room before painting?

No, taping of a room isn't advised. The paint gets under the tape anyways. I will utilize tape in some unique situations like covering woodwork to protect from roller spatters but I never rely on it to make my lines and I wouldn't recommend anyone else do so either.

What is your technique for cutting in?

My technique for cutting in is hanging back and getting closer on the second time around as opposed to most people get too close then end up trying to make a straight line on the very surface they didn't intend. Usually on the ceiling leaving those unsightly cut lines we all know so well when we observe paint jobs done by others.

Do you roll paint onto walls in a particular way that coats them best?

Rolling is all in the lay off. You want to saturate the roller and roll evenly. When you're done rolling a section you always want to roll over the surface one more time in the same direction and you always want to maintain a wet edge and roll back into your previous section to ensure coverage and minimize holidays.

Do you have any other tips of the trade?

Take your time! Painting isn't as easy as people say. Do all your preparation first and cover things and flooring you don't want to get paint spatters. The six "P's" proper perpetration prevents piss poor performance!

What's the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is my cell (413) 441 0556 or email. Both of which can be obtained by visiting my website which also has photos of my work, customer testimonials and other info about me and my company.

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