Plymouth Residents Reap The Many Benefits Of Yoga At Yoga Connection

A serene studio in the heart of Plymouth, Yoga Connection is passionately dedicated to uniting Massachusetts citizens in the act of yoga through providing supportive instruction in a safe space. Students here are encouraged to work at their own levels of comfort. At Yoga Connection, yoga students gain an invigorating sense of personal identity through strong community ties.

"Yoga Connection is a safe, clean, and inviting space," psychotherapist and Reiki master Barbara Ward said. "It's not a huge yoga factory. Our classes range from 4-14 in a space where people have been connecting through yoga for over 20 years."

Ward has many titles. To name a few, she is a psychotherapist, Reiki master, widow, mother, and grandmother. She has also been a proud yoga student and yoga guide for over fifty years. Ward is just one of the many fascinating teachers that contribute to a thriving community united by an ancient practice.

Luckily, folks have come together in Plymouth to embrace the many benefits that yoga has to offer. Many people all over the world are unaware of yoga's many merits, but students and teachers in Plymouth might be changing that. They love nothing more than to spread the word of yoga's virtues.

"Yoga is not a panacea," Ward said. "It won't cure you of anything but it will give you the tools you need to manage what you have. You will strengthen your body, but more importantly, you will strengthen your mind and your spirit. Yoga is a practice for dealing with the here and now."

Oftentimes the here and now can feel oppressive. Remaining present in our daily lives can feel difficult. Thankfully, The Yoga Connection helps individuals become increasingly mindful of their own lives through the constant reminder to embrace every moment of each new day.

The key to accepting the here and now and embracing each day seems rooted in individual acceptance. According to Ward, acceptance of who we are means we must look ourselves in the eyes and embrace the qualities that make us unique. Only then can we build strength from within.

"Yoga classes will build strength working from the inside out," Ward said. "There are even some small aerobic gains from the practice. The student is the teacher. The student listens to the teacher and can either dial the practice up or down according to your individual needs."

Ward firmly believes that when we get in shape mentally through acceptance of the here and now, we can then get in shape physically. Thanks to Plymouth's Yoga Connection, this enduring lesson resonates for people in Massachusetts and beyond.

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