Projects Unlimited Construction Finds Custom Solutions Without Breaking the Bank

Located in southeastern Massachusetts, Projects Unlimited Construction is a general contractor and full service remodeling company that works on residential and commercial projects. With an impressive portfolio of homes and remodels, the company boasts a team of highly qualified contractors and builders.

Whether you are re-envisioning your existing living space or enhancing its size, PUC's team of experts can help you increase the functionality of your home while adding style and comfort. PUC manages the entire building process, from design to implementation, and handles all permitting and inspections. Owner and president of the company Brian Reiss is a veteran in the field, bringing decades of leadership and management experience to his current role.

"We actually love what we do and we care about providing quality craftsmanship on every project," Reiss said. "We provide the best solutions using the latest methods in construction and remodeling."

A proactive attitude and open lines of communication with their clients are key to the positive outcome and success of all the projects they tackle. From conception to implementation, Reiss loves facing the many challenges that a building project presents and the opportunity to deliver a perfect product.

"We really enjoy the creativity [required by] a lot of projects," Reiss said. "The satisfaction of creating a space or building that the owners can enjoy and will appreciate for years to come [is what drives us]."

PUC's operational model is based on quality workmanship and efficiency, which means using the latest building methods and innovative materials. For instance, a home's insulation might be improved tenfold, but PUC will also use the most efficient, health-conscious, and high quality materials available on the market. Many contractors nowadays are simply aiming for the norm, but PUC goes beyond that by creating custom solutions at fair prices.

Renovations are a major component of PUC's client share, representing a more affordable option for those on a budget. Instead of gutting an older kitchen, for example, PUC might recommend a refinishing of the cabinets and countertops and changing some of the hardware.

"We enjoy renovating something that is failing into something that can really be appreciated," Reiss said. "If you don't take pride in your work, you probably shouldn't be in this business."

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