Salem's Spookiest Places

Salem is known as "Witch City" based on its past. The city celebrates Halloween the entire month of October with many incredibly scary places that will leave you chilled to the bone. Here are some of the spookiest places in Salem to really celebrate Halloween.

Take the Vampire and Ghost Hunter nighttime walking tour by Spellbound Tours to see a lot at once. Need to get your scare on after Halloween? Get a "Haunted Passport" to experience more of Salem's spookiness from October until April.

Spellbound Museum

The only museum in New England with oddities from around the world. See religious and historical items from faraway places. Check out the unusual Vampire Killing Kit from early European history. The equipment used by early ghost hunters is a must see. A unique place for sure.

Salem Witch Museum

Noted around the world as being one of the most visited scary places on earth, the Salem Witch Museum transports visitors back to 1692 Salem. Housed in an old stone church, the building itself is a bit creepy. Learn the story of the infamous witch trials through narrated dioramas, exhibits and tales of the hysteria. Then, have fun searching for weird items at the museum store.

Gallows Hills

Gallows Hill is now a sports field, but it may have been where witches were hung. The exact location of the hangings is in dispute by scholars. Nonetheless, strange activity is often seen here, such as mists, orbs and apparitions. Take a tour of the area during October and relive the persecution and death that engulfed Salem over 300 years ago.

Turner-Ingersoll Mansion

This house is also referred to as the House of Seven Gables after author Nathaniel Hawthorne's book about the structure. Built in 1682, the historic home is rumored to have numerous ghosts walking the premises, such as the author's cousin who once lived there, and lights and faucets that strangely turn on and off.

Salem Jail

Visit the old jail and you may just hear chains dragging and the screaming of prisoners who died in jail. Many report an uneasy feeling when here. In use for nearly 100 years and abandoned since 1991, this is a very haunted place, indeed.

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