Sara Smile Photography Searches For and Captures All the Little Quirks in Life

Capturing that special moment when you say I do is important. On such a momentous occasion, you want to be able to look back and remember that time as perfectly as the moment it happened. A truly great photographer can ensure you remember those instances for life -- captured flawlessly for your enjoyment.

Wanting to help others seize the moment, so to speak, is what led Sara Jessica Pacheco into the wedding photography business. "I was invited to a few weddings and I remember watching the photographer more than anything, just wishing I had a job like that," she explained. At one of these weddings, Pacheco found herself in a unique situation, one that would alter her career path.

"At one wedding my friends didn't have a photographer so I shared some photos that I took of them and they told me that I took their favorite photo from that day," she said. "I think I realized then how powerful it is to create art and capture moments. I was hooked."

Pacheco isn't your typical wedding photographer. You won't get the typical staged photographs you'll get with the run of the mill photography package. She specializes in natural photography for fun, adventurous, nontraditional, creative couples in love. This means that you'll get one of a kind photos that fit your day, your relationship, and your personality. She finds a way to make each and every photograph an extension of you, as a couple. Your relationship, your love, shines through in every shot she takes. "I'm here for the folks who long for something other than your typical, cheesy, smile for the camera wedding photos," she says.

Wanting to truly capture each moment, Pacheco only accepts a limited number of wedding clients. She believes in getting to know each couple long before the wedding day, wanting to love them for who they are and understand their wants, desires, and tastes far before she follows them down the aisle.

"I get butterflies for them, I cry and laugh with them and I celebrate every moment with them," she declares. Restricting the number of wedding commissions she takes on each year allows her to really form these relationships and grants her the ability to see what shots would be the most valuable to her couples.

According to Pacheco, she doesn't fit into any traditional mold and believes your wedding photos shouldn't either. She's a little bit folk, a little bit rock n roll; part geek, part organic vegetable eating, tree hugging hippy, if you ask her. She looks for the moments in life that you won't usually find hanging on the wall and freezes them in time, wanting to cherish the quirks of life- not just the posed, photo ready moments.

"I cannot believe how lucky I am to be fulfilling a long time dream of being a professional photographer," she says. "Somebody pinch me!"

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