Selling A Home During Halloween

It's the time of year when spooks and goblins rule the night, while candy ruins the stomach. Your home is strung with witch lights, gravestone markers dot your front yard and Casper the Ghost greets visitors at the door. How will potential buyers take your home seriously when your kids insisted on decorating for the holiday. Never fear. Buyers looking this time of year tend to be more serious, but don't scare them away. Use these smart ideas to sell your home during Halloween.

Decorate For The Season

Overall, you won't want to put up spooky Halloween decorations until the night of Halloween and make sure to take them down the next morning. Instead, it's alright to put up seasonal decorations, such as pumpkins, bright leaves, or colorful corn cobs. That way, no one gets offended and you can keep them up for weeks to feel the spirit of the season.

Hold A Themed Open House

If you must decorate for the holiday, hold a Halloween open house to attract buyers with children or those young at heart. Set the date for the weekend before the spooky holiday to bring in more potential buyers. Offer homemade cookies and a $10 gift certificate to an ice cream shop for the adult with the best costume who registers at the door. Take photos to compare costumes after the open house. Have your real estate agent contact the winner to pick up the prize, giving the agent time to discuss the home with all who registered.

Decorate In Moderation

Keep your Halloween decorations in check. Think moderation. A pumpkin or two is always in. Stick to a few special decorations rather than go wild. When the holiday is over, pack up the decorations and clear out the closet. Kids can still have Halloween fun by drawing, coloring, carving pumpkins, baking treats and attending events around town.

Offer Special Marketing Materials

For showings or open houses, offer marketing materials that get noticed. Print cards with your home information, perhaps done in the form of a recipe, and attach a few treats for the kids.

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