Southern Hospitality Nestled in Newton, Part 2: Featuring A Village Bed and Breakfast

Staying at a bed and breakfast is a wonderful alternative to the usual hotel stay. Most B&B's are settled in quaint neighborhoods, with restored finishing's and lush gardens. While some establishments go for the cozy "old home" feel, others go for a more luxurious and modern oasis. Either way, the environment is always warm and focused on the highest level of hospitality. And who can complain with a homemade breakfast to wake up to? B&B's cater to those that love to travel, yet prefer not to lose the cozier feel that a home inherently brings. Hosts must be well versed in superb customer service skills and an organic friendliness. All of this together encompasses the concept of "Southern Hospitality" at its finest.

A Village Bed and Breakfast

A Village Bed and Breakfast has been providing comfortable, reasonably-priced accommodations to visitors for almost two decades. The house itself offers a full suite with a queen-sized bed, private bath, and full kitchenette, and two smaller rooms with full and queen sized beds and a shared bath. Additional services include free parking in the driveway, free WiFi, TVs, refrigerators, coffee makers, irons and hairdryers in all rooms, as well as a bathrobe in each room! The host also provides a delicious continental breakfast in the main dining room, with an option for gluten-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free selections. Not to mention, you are minutes outside the wonderful and walkable city of Boston!

Claudia Jacobs, a of dear host of the Village B&B, explained how they further extend their hand for visitors. Take a look at some of the rooms below.
"Since we are so close to public transportation into the city, we provide "Charlie Cards" to make it easy for our guests, leave bottled water in their rooms, soft drinks and coffee in the dining room 24/7. We try to make their visit as "easy" as possible. We make our granola here on premises, and enjoy baking breads and scones and other homemade items. I like to use cotton sheets, and since I am a sole proprietor, I don't have time to iron sheets, but truly believe that cotton is best next to people's skin. Our mattresses are firm and we pile many pillows on which people may use or discard. While I have never considered myself "Martha Stewart" in any shape or form, perhaps the slight imperfections may make people even feel more at ease."

Perhaps equally as important as the amenities, is the attitude of the hosts themselves. The hosts should welcome guests into their home as though they were welcoming family and friends. The implied intimacy exists by nature of sharing a home together and relationships quickly develop. While a hotel may be an expert in customer service, when you are in a B&B, hosts care why you are there, whether it be a wedding or a funeral, a job, or visiting a sick relative. "Hosting mixed with this type of hospitality is a different animal than mini bars and wake up calls- it's more a recognition of who the person or persons are, in that moment of the visit", Claudia says. This personal touch lets guests relax in their surroundings and leave feeling like they were genuinely cared for, but not intruded upon, during their stay.

The hosts tries to lend a helping hand if needed, without being intrusive. "I realize they are not here to see me and hang out with me, yet if they are having a trying time with a relative, or experiencing a relationship issue, or a loss, or need an umbrella, a ride, or some advice on moving to the area, I am here to provide that. I try to be sensitive to people's privacy."

Claudia is truly meant for this business, welcoming each guest with open arms and genuinely interested in people's lives. She finds purpose in buying new additions for the house when traveling, picking up new and interesting foods when shopping, etc. Each host takes time out of their day to consider how they can improve the experience of future guests. Visitors who choose to stay in a bed and breakfast tend to be more informal in nature, sharing their lives and remaining open during their stay. The hosts respond with the same amount of friendliness, truly enjoying meeting these new people and perhaps learning something they didn't know previously. It is this fact that makes A Village Bed and Breakfast a perfect example of true southern hospitality.

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